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Love at your fingertips

Are you searching for love and relationship? With digitization, you can scroll several internet websites to find your `soul mate’. Applications like Tinder, truly madly, Happn, Aisle, Desicrush, woo and OkCupid are challenging the conventional method of dating in just one click.Looking for love and romance, relationship and marriage on the Internet is common these days as more and more people delay marriage for financial or professional reasons, move around to find better jobs and disrupt their social networks. The online search by like-minded singles is a tantalizing draw because you are free to find whoever you like to date with.You control your own destiny. You can search for your mate anytime and anywhere.


Traditional dating and finding your compatible mate used to be a time-consuming process. Dating today has become easy with innovative applications. In Tinder, it is easy to create a profile; this is automatically linked to your Facebook account for authenticity. While making a profile, Tinder seeks your interests and based on that it suggests the likely matches.  While creating your profile picture, keep in mind that it should convey your personality, hobbies, and interests so that you can make a meaningful connection with users who share and admire your interests.  Select images— i.e. travel, sports, a pet, quantum physics, collecting stamps. These profile photos can be easily updated directly from your phone’s camera, making it easier than ever to revamp your online dating profile.  Shots that display what you look like and the environments you live intend to work better. So ditch the pictures with bandanas, sunglasses, and even your friends in your profile pictures.

A potential match lingers on your profile before deciding whether to swipe right or left. And, that’s where having an engaging bio can seal the deal.Use the bio section to share some more information about hobbies, interests and what you’re looking for.  Give more relevant information like your job and education in the profile as this prompts more engaging questions.There is a chat room where you can talk to your partners.  Make the most of being here. Make conversation! Good grammar is important for textual chemistry to develop.If things fall perfectly; fix a date for you two. Ask to meet when it feels right, but don’t be pushy but always be respectful and polite.


Some applications work with GPS settings. In Happy, the suggestions are based on the location. You turn on the location for this website, if any person using Happn is online around you, it will suggest your match. If you like them, talk to them privately. Truly Madly is more based on the concept of ‘serious relationships’.

Hinge is more of a discretionary app because it suggests the match within your friends, so if you insecure to socialize with unknown, they are at your back!

Internet dating is a good thing, especially for singles who don’t otherwise have many opportunities to meet people. But this signifies a shift in values and relationships becoming more casual day-by-day. People do not hesitate to move on, these sites also increase chances for casual hook ups. Another drawback is that the basic premise is that people who share the same tastes or attitudes would be compatible, but love, in many cases, doesn’t work that way.Physical appearance and other intangible characteristics are the spark that brings two people together, but online dating forces the looker to make relationship decisions based on increasingly superficial and ultimately irrelevant criteria.Communicating online before a meeting can help counter some of this mate-shopping effect.Give yourself a chance and start your search today!