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Home Décor Hacks: Be a Jack of all Trades

Home Décor Hacks: Be a Jack of all Trades

Trust yourself to solve your common dilemmas related to Home Styling. What you need is definitely not a huge budget but just a creative person who was a bit lazy until now to tighten up his/her belt and look at things with a different perspective. Your imagination is all alone enough to break the monotony and turn you up into a décor expert, you can be a Jack of all Trades.  Some of the latest Home Décor Hacks that you could try out yourself can leave an exhilarating look for your home.

 1. Rephrase your Ironing boards

Iron board used as a table
  • Ironing boards can be used as extra tables. Also, these occupy the minimal space which any other substitute. 
  • Plus the convince of folding it when not in use can too be counted upon. As they are light in weight so this could be your companion for picnics as well.

2. Tea-pots as trendy vase.

teapots as a holder
  • Innovation is to look from a different perspective, using teapots as teapots is no big deal but as vase can add beauty to turn ordinary to an extraordinary and a complement able matter.

3. Illuminate your living room.

"Candles in your fireplace"
  • If your fireplace is non- working, just you need is some candles to illuminate your living room and give a lively effect to your surroundings. So just remember this hack and must try it out when you have guests or friends at home.

4. Shoe Closet

shoe rack to the wall
  • If you are low on space and organizing your shoes is a major concern then turning a shallow alcove into a shoe closet is what can solve your problem.
  • You just need to attach a shoe rack to the wall, place your shoes, and hang a curtain. That’s all and you will be done to arrange your shoes (Our favourite decor hacks).

5. Accessorize your walls

Wall with hats for decor
  • Empty walls are not so cool and otherwise adorning walls with photo frames is no more trendy.  Instead, adorn walls with some accessories can completely give a changed and enhanced look without spending much.

6. Furbish your walls with ‘Washi tape’

'Washi tape’ comes in a range of oversized masking tapes specifically for interior décor.
  • Choose your favourite design of tape that will save you from the high cost of whitewashing or wallpapers.
  • Japanese wallpaper company “Sincol” came up with a ‘Washi tape’ that is a perfect and the most cost-effective if you’re renting, subletting, or otherwise too.
  • The ‘Washi tape’ comes in a range of oversized masking tapes specifically for interior décor.

7. Enhance your bookshelf

“Photo Bookshelf”
  • Turn the boring look of your bookshelf with this great idea of letting them be called “Photo Bookshelf”.
  • This could be a single solution to get your photos noticed without spending on getting the frame and at the same time enriches your bookshelf.

8. Beautify with pest replicating plants

Decorate your Home with Natural Elements
  • Decorate your Home with Natural Elements. Plants make a place much more lively and distinguished.  Adorn your surroundings with plants that repel mosquitoes instead of using that chemical warfare and sprays that are costly as well as cause a number of health issues and respiratory disorders.
  • Plants like Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Petunias, Lemon thyme, Basil and many more are well known for their fightback against mosquitoes and flies. So just you need to do is follow this green thumb rule.

These Home Decor hacks are going to help you become one of the experts in your house.