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5 Signs its time to move on

Do you feel it’s time to move on in a relationship?Moving on is never something that is particularly easy but it can be done. To break away is painful, old attachment, times shared, bonding scared of the unknown holds one from making a clean break. Feelings that life wouldn’t be the same without him\her holds one back.  A lot of us choose to hang on because we are afraid that we will never find someone in the future. The fear of being alone drives us to cling on even when all seems lost.

But now it’s time to ask yourself a question ‘what would I do with this one-sided relationship losing my self-worth and confidence.’ If your relationship is harming you slowly, it is the time for you to take a call. Some of us logically know we should move on – yet we linger on anyway. Here are some signs to know that it is a right time to step out of the relationship.

  1. Missing spark

The missing spark and broken chemistry are one of the clear sign of unhealthy relationship. You don’t feel excited anymore to meet him and you both spend most of the time fighting over little issues and you sometimes think ‘why are you in this relationship’.

  1. One sided is trouble


It’s a one-sided relationship. Your insecurities are at an all-time high and your confidence is at its lowest point it’s time to let go. You try to alter your image hoping that it would draw your partner love you more. Never allow a relationship to tear you down to your core. Let go and leave.  What’s gone is gone. We cannot force anyone to love us.

  1. Lack of intimacy or passion

Intimacy is one of the pillars of a relationship. When passion dwindles. Remember that things change. People change. If the feelings are no longer there, it’s time to move on. If you both no longer spend your quality time together rethink where you are headed. There is no point in forcing someone to stay. These things do not come by force.

  1. Living past memories


Relationship creates memories. We often replay them in our minds whenever nothing goes well. Therefore we are living in the past than moving forward into the future.It’s human nature to cling to memories hoping for a change for the better. If so, it’s a sign your current relationship isn’t how you want it to be. The more we live in the past memories and/or a self-created future, the more we are living in a self-created reality. This is dangerous since it’s not reflective of the actual state of the relationship.

  1. Trust issues


Trust is a super important part of any relationship. Here the question is not just being there physically, but emotionally, too. If your partner does not listen or is sensitive to your problems, worries, and fears. The gap between words and behavior. Remember trust once destroyed can’t be regained. Just let go and move on.

My counsel is that there are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life. Move on…