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What popular faces of TV said for Donald Trump victory?

On Tuesday,Donald Trump elected 45th president of the United States, capturing crucial victories over Hillary Clinton during the race of White House. The victory of Donald Trump created a lot of buzz not in the US but all over the world. From Hollywood to Bollywood, many celebrities express their views on the Trump Victory.

Let’s check out how popular faces of TV express their views on US elections with

Aniruddh Dave : I have been following the us presidential election closely and tried to watch their speech whenever I was not shooting. I was rooting for Hilary Clinton as according to me she was more deserving. But the result is out now and may he do the best for his country. I hope and wish that india and USA share the same rapport which they have been.


Ssharad Malhotra : I realised that the us citizens want to see a serious  change in their country. I guess they wanted something very different and hence Donal Trump won. I hope he does something good for his country and the world.

Krrip Kapur Sur
i : the American democracy has stood the test of time. It is far beyond the whims and fancies of an individual. I feel nothing rustic will happen, it will be business as usual. I wish Donald Trump all the best in his new journey.


Arjun Bijlani : Obama has created an excellent example in front of Trump. And I am hoping that he will continue to do the good work for his fellow countrymen. I am optimistic that the relationship between our country and USA will remain same.


Mrunal Jain– I was expecting Hilary Clinton to win as she is a woman of substance but elections are unpredictable as always. One loses and another wins.


Sheena Bajaj- Hilary would have been a good choice. But Donald Trump is good too. Let’s see how he governs and takes things forward.

Gulfam Khan :  Well I have been vouching for Hillary not because she is a woman but because she is a sensible and intelligent lady. Time too has proven that when women run a country it comes out smelling of roses inspire of some bumps and hitches. Donald Trump on he other hand has been behaving and talking racist, idiotic and uptight… so if America has chosen him to be their president they probably deserve it… time will tell us if the USA remains a democracy or turns to IDIOCRACY (that’s not a word but a movie I saw and hence a term I would use for idiotic democracy)

Mohammad Nazim : Donald Trump will deliver. He has the leadership skills and aura to be in power of position. I am happy that he won and the will do justice to his power and position.