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Muskaan Mihani celebrated Christmas with her bundle of joy!

Actress Muskaan Mihani, who’s currently seen in Sab T.V’s serial ‘Dil De Ke Dekho’ playing the role of a Cupid, planned to celebrate a very awesome Christmas this year. She with her 18 months old daughter, Mannat whom she calls her bundle of joy celebrated the holiday season with full zeal and enthusiasm.

While talking to her she told that she had plans to take her daughter to a Christmas place and introduce her to Santa Claus in person.  She wanted her little Mannat, to have the whole Christmas experience complete with a Christmas tree, gifts and smiling kids all around. But when asked, that does her daughter understand who Santa Claus is? The reply was yes, she understands. Further adding, Muskaan told that she has small Santa at home so Mannat keeps playing with her. Also, she had brought a Christmas tree at home from past three days about which she tells that her daughter feels very excited.

When asked, about any special gift for the little angle. Muskaan replied that she gifts Mannat something every day. Also, talking about Mannat’s career plans while she grows up once, Muskaan boldly stated that she wants her daughter Mannat to finish her studies first and then she would definitely support whatever interest she would hold. Further adding, Muskaan said if she would have an inclination towards acting, then too I will support her to achieve fame and success.