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Gift an Exotic Experience this Father’s Day: ‘Siddharth’ by MKC

A father is every child’s superhero and muse. Fatherhood is so often characterised by providing stability love and acceptance. We know one day is not enough to honor the special relationship but gifting a relaxing aroma diffuser is a way to say ‘thank you’ for months to come. So help him escape the stir of work and get away with nature and let us make it possible for you to gift this extraordinary experience to your beloved.

Siddharth by MKC has crafted luxury aroma diffusers that blend natural attars into modern handcrafted fragrances. The experience of four generations has gone into making alcohol-free diffusers for effortless scent styling. mist-artwork

Vintage Woody scents are far from antiquated definitely in vogue. Crafted from exotic vetiver, patchouli and a top note of oak moss, the Oak aroma diffuser is bold, confident and timeless.

Alternatively, the Invigorating freshness from lavender and bergamot is spiked with musk and precious woods to give you a power inducing modern scent like no other.

The bottle itself has been designed to be a home accent in its own right, with an art-deco inspired pattern in gold foiling, creeping over the surface of the bottle, as the liquid inside catches the light.

The aroma diffusers are part of Siddharth by MKC policy of luxury at accessible prices and are available at Rs.1,100 for a bottle of 100ml. Each fragrance should last you 2 months.

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