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Jasmin Bhasin & Aniruddh Dave Against Child Labour

June 12 is observed as World Day Against Child Labour. It was launched to create awareness about the hardships of child labourers worldwide. As per data released by UNICEF in 2017, in India, at least 12 per cent of children are engaged in some sort of child labour. 

Celebs feel that making education free for children and creating awareness about the consequences of child labour can help in banning it.

Here are Jasmin Bhasin & Aniruddh Dave views on World Day Against Child Labour and how they think it can be stopped, here’s what they had to say:

Jasmin Bhasin: To ban child labour, I think we as a community should work together to discourage it. First of all, I think people should not employ kids at all, even if it is for the smallest thing possible. And secondly, I think the “Chotu” concept should be removed. You know, when you go to a small dhaba, you will always find a small boy, called Chotu, running around. If we do this, we will be on our way to win this battle. 

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Aniruddh Dave: I am strongly against child labour and want to do a show where such an issue is raised. I am more into theatre so I get very touchy about such issues. Whenever we go anywhere, be it a dhaba or a tea stall, we can find a Chotu serving tea, coffee, snacks or food in small hotels and motels. Sometimes you feel they are forced to grow up and you feel they are exploited. The solution is that the government should implement stricter labour laws. People who are hiring them should be stopped. If we notice children who are working we should object. As an actor, I feel, we as a fraternity should never hire children as household help.