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What kind of Roles does Rishina Kandhari like?

Actor Rishina Kandhari has been known for her parallel lead roles in shows such as Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji and many more. She is currently in Sony Tv show Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein. Be it grey characters or positive roles, Rishina has always been someone who has portrayed each character with the same integrity.

“Negative characters have a lot of potentials, you add a lot to the character. Whereas, while playing a positive character you have to follow the characteristic of that particular character narrated to you and play it in the same way throughout the show. But I prefer playing positive roles as our Indian audience connects to them easily and can relate to them more.”  Says Rishina.

The actor says that she is a big believer of luck and destiny and feels that it really helps in showbiz. “I do believe in luck and destiny, no one can take away what’s in your destiny. There are so many actors who are lucky to be where they are today without talent and are very famous. I praise their luck and feel happy for them. If I am destined to do marvels, I shall do that and no one can stop me from doing so,” she says.

The actor says that she is now on the lookout for the main lead characters. “Initially, when She started, her daughter was very young. So, She used to stayed away from lead roles as they are very time-consuming. And later, when got famous for all the parallel roles that She played in her shows. Now, that She can devote her time fully to a project”.