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Add Photo Props to get Stunning wedding Memories!

These days, weddings are not just about the bride and the groom tying the knot. Apart from this, the list holds a lot of brainstorming regarding making unique and special arrangements for a lot much quintessential like the venue, decorations, theme, food and arranging for a good photographer indeed, to make your “Big day”  absolutely special.

Being clicked in different poses and getting good pictures is what everyone loves and enjoys to do. So just enter the “Photobooth” which is setting a popular trend in the weddings, these days. Incorporate more than people into your wedding photos to make them truly memorable and lifelong lasting. Photo booths, having a lot many unique and interesting photo props can definitely set a fun and frolic moment for everyone whether be it friends, relatives or cousins, during the wedding.

Props are the best way to let you enjoy through and jazz up in your wedding pictures in a unique as well as entertaining style.  A sweet sign, a whimsical element, or a sentimental memento can surely take your pictures to a different level altogether. They are the best way to infuse fun; drama and a lively atmosphere for the guests and the bridegroom themselves to enjoy all the wedding functions whether it is sangeet, Mehendi, wedding day or either the reception.

The Bride and Groom Sunglasses

Get humor and enjoyable look with a pair of glittery sunglasses carved from a cardboard or either plastic for the bride and groom as one of the interesting photo props to pour an amalgamation of fun and joy and the element of romance by looking into each other’s eyes, for the perfect click on your wedding functions.

The Backdrop Props

Adding interesting backdrops as a prop,` to your photo booth can recount or portray for the mood of the day. The background can be about the likings and dislike about the bride and the groom or something about their love or either some decor trends that can add a wow factor to the photographs like wall hangings, flowers, shells etc.

Mirror Props

Mirrors are the best décor piece that can uplift the mood and the scene around with its majestic reflection effect. People love posing in front of mirrors so why not use them in different sizes, shapes, cuts and curves to add a lustrous effect to the wedding photographs.

Vehicle Props

Vehicles like a scooter, rickshaw or a bicycle or a motorcycle adorned with flowers, balloons can add a dramatic and entertaining factor to create a thrilling effect for the photographs.

The Crazy Dialogues

Some of the crazy dialogues that are fun-filled and humorous while evoking laughter are a must to be there at your photo booth to engage everyone irrespective of gender or age. They can be simple like a tag with MR. and MRS or something like Baby Doll, or He’s Mine, She’s Mine and I’m Crazy, Single ready to mingle, Flawless, Wanted etc. can keep your guests involved and enjoy the moments.

Other interesting stuff could be lot of moustaches of different kinds, feather boas, balloons, the simple cut out of a decorated picture frame, chalkboards, masks, antique furniture like loveseats, swings, bubbles, and vintage props like a gramophone, Monograms, signs, symbols, emoji’s and other sparkly nutty things can get an element of super-duper fun.

These really adorable ideas can be the top most preferences that could definitely make a great photo booth with a master photographer to capture the spirit while fitting into any of the wedding themes.