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5 Simple Ways to Give your Home a Facelift Using Wood

We all know wood is an indissoluble part of any home décor, but we often neglect the other avenues it opens for us. Apart from furniture, this piece of a log can be used to give a dramatic yet natural look which is inspiring. Take a look and get inspired!

1. Use these rugged pieces of wood to arrange your fashion accessories. Nail them and here it is.


2. Why spend a lot of money buying the designer candles from stores? Use several pieces of wood to create such fashionable pieces. And yes, you can colour them too.


3. Your wall can look more beautiful if you try this at home. Make a frame and place numerous pieces of wood to hang your key chains, scarves et al.



4. A frameless mirror can look abundant if we can create such rustic magic using wood and frame it to create a mesmerizing wall art.


5. Put tree stems in kitchen jars or in the transparent glass vases. Use plants and seashells to give a nautical look to your table top.