Is your Home monsoon ready?

As the grey clouds approach most people think of modifying their house to be monsoon safe. Water, mud and moist smell need to take care in this monsoon and for that, your home décor is the main thing that you need to check. Monsoon usually makes your house dull as on a rainy there is not much natural light, so you need to brighten up your house.

Let’s see what all preparation we need to do for this season:


Get rid of the moist smell that comes from thick carpets, curtains and mattresses. Use light fabrics like cotton as covers, pillows, sofas and cushions. Also, it’s better to opt for light and soothing colours as it will keep your house lively and peaceful in monsoon.

Monsoon is the time to clean all your windows and open them for good ventilation. As the air passes through the house the smell of moisture reduces. Use the space near your windows creatively. Make the area monsoon-friendly by putting wind chimes on window or balcony and change curtains to brighter shades as this will make your room livelier.

Mud stains on the floor are very annoying at times so for that you should add door mattresses. To make it little trendy one can opt for colourful rubber mattresses or designed ones. Try to keep shoes away from bedrooms, for instance, you can place a shoe rack at the entrance. There are many designer racks available in the market.


Even after taking care for muddy footwear the carpets of all rooms should be rolled up and pack them properly to avoid the smell and carpets are not dirt resistant so these high priced carpets need extra care in monsoon.

Although people avoid painting in monsoon. They usually prefer it after monsoons, but if you want little more protection for walls during monsoon, so you can go for waterproof paints from good quality brands for the outer walls of your house.

Give some break to heavy laced cushions lying on bed or sofas. Change them with bright coloured cotton covers as they are easy to wash and easy to dry. These colourful cushions will change a dull rainy day into an active day to celebrate.


You can add plants to your home décor as some plants may help to keep your house fresh. Also, plants are not so happy to be in the rain, most of them get destroy due to wind and rain. So you can place them at the entrance of a house or on the balcony and some of them are house friendly and can be placed in living room. Decorate those pots with vibrant colours or put ribbons around it. One more easy idea is putting some fresh flowers in the vase and placing them on the centre table.

Another much-needed thing is the proper lighting at home. The grey clouds in the sky can make you feeling dull, so there is the need of some decoration with bulbs. You can opt for lamp shades on wall bulbs (it will reflect less light). You can decorate a corner, a pole or a plant with LED lights.


So get ready to enjoy the cool splash and celebrate this lovely weather with revamped home decor.

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