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Tips to stay healthy during Navratra fasting

A nine-day festival celebrating nine forms of Goddess Durga, Navratra is the holiest time of Chaitra and Ashwin month. ‘Navratra’ is an amalgamation of two Hindi words that state- ‘nav’ means nine and ‘vrata’ means fasting to please goddess. Navratra– brings a nine-day fast. This is a time to cleanse the body and build its immunity for the next season. It is believed that both the Navratri periods falls at the change of season, thus the rituals are formulated such as to prepare the body for the next season. We at Buzzsouk, bring you some tips so that you feel light and detoxed and energized!


1. Keep yourself hydrated
Some devotees believe in next level fasting, ‘nirjala vrat’ where they do not consume water throughout nine days. If you are not amongst them, then always try to keep your body hydrated. You should consume lots of water. If not, you can have the other liquid substitute like coconut water, juices, lemonade and sweet milk etc. Try to keep your fluid level high.

2. Eat less but more in time
People should eat frequent meals five to six times. It is always better to eat small meals rather than eating the food at once. It will ensure the level of glucose in your body and keep you energetic and fatigue free throughout the day. This will also keep you away from acidity and indigestion.

3. Balance your diet
In Navratri, bucket wheat or kuttu ka atta is majorly consumed which is high on calorie. Potato the staple vegetable of Navratri is also high on carbs. It is always better to balance the carbs and calories. You can pair the carbohydrate vegetables with the fibrous veggies to balance the meal. You should avoid fried food in any case. The intake of the mouthwatering chips, snacks, Sabu dana tikki and cutlets can be curtailed because they are high in salt and fat content.

4. Have Satvik food
Satvik means a simple diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and water. This is the best way to fast during navratras as it detoxifies the body. Since fasting is just not the denial of physical needs but also the psychological needs. You should stick to satvik diet for a clean body and thoughts.

Please also remember that fasting is energy sapping and can lead to weakness, acidity, anaemia, headaches, and fatigue. So, guard against too much fasting. Keep your energy level up with a sattvic diet.