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Quirky Quotes on your tee feat. Alia Bhatt!

From Tattoos to T-shirts, Bollywood celebs have come a long way in expressing their feelings periphrastically. And Alia Bhatt being the cutest and the most favorite celebs of all time does this in the best possible way. Her cute face and extravagant smile has stolen the hearts of one and all, and her dress sense is the most adored in the tinsel town.

So this summer we at Buzzsouk bring you 10 of our favorite Alia Bhatt’s cool quote shirt looks.

  1. This “Buggin’ Out” crop top paired with shorts and blazer looks just so darn cool. Crops tops with shorts are common, but teaming it up with a summer blazer adds that extra sass.Alia-Bhatt-In-Blue-Separates
  2. This tee appropriately describes each one of us. Our generation is always on the super-excited stage so this “Always on the super-excited stage” tee is a reflection of our personality. That’s so us!
  3. We are taking notes on all what we want. Weird is what we want right now and stripes with weird and that turtleneck…it’s just so perfect. This black and white crop is a must have for all of us.5E789187A70E9194F7067D47A10F0F20
  4. This cute t-shirt aptly describes almost every girl’s feelings. Feminism is at its peak right now and Alia Bhatt can make such bold statements so cool with that cute smile and her charm.17505765_949182178551617_1150986234_N
  5. Airport styling done right! Alia Bhatt is looking very cool in this pink LURKER hoodie and with that messy bun and round sunglasses. It’s the best go to outfit for every lazy girl who wants to look good while traveling.Round-Sunglasses-Pink-Lipstick-Alia-640X920
  6. “AS IF”! This t-shirt dress is goals! As we know, t-shirt dresses are very in and pairing them with the other hit trend metallic silver sneakers is so on point.Alia-3
  7. Oh yeah! This black & white polka dot sweatshirt is Sarcasm done right. It is perfect to make all the eyes roll. Teaming it up with a basic blue denim is styling done right.Alia-Bhatt-Brown
  8. This LBD with stars all over and with the “Let’s Get Lost” slogan is the quirkiest thing one could have. This t-shirt dress is perfect for the summers for its comfy fabric and casual style.Alia-Bhatt
  9. This powder blue shade, that is a pastel shade which is the latest trend this summer can be well teamed-up with a denim to show your raised style quotient to your peers.Alia-Bhatt-Looked-Pretty-As-A-Peach-At-T_300316172032105_480X600
  10. Take que from Alia’s “Check Your Selfie” tee. It’s quintessential to show your cool looks when out with your girl squad and this tee is just the perfect one.Ru5Rm32Dznalia-Bhatt