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Loupe presents the Grand collection of exquisite Jewellery

Loupe, an exclusive luxury brand catering to the connoisseurs of edgy and exquisite jewelry and accessories, showcased its collections in front of HNI’s of Delhi party circuit at ‘Paparazzi CO’. The event was hosted by Pallavi SonCeo-Of-Loupe-Mayank-Soni-With-Ria-Gulati-Gautam-Sonii Managing Director – Loupe, in collaboration with Jeep India, a 75 years old automobile brand that has been indelibly linked to freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion.

Considering the accelerating market of jewelry and lifestyle in Delhi, the launch witnessed the who’s and who of the town like Mayank Soni, Charu Parashar, Anupam Parashar, Model Zulfi Syed ,Dimple Fauzdar, Ashish Marwaha, Neetu Popli , Deepti  S Suri , Seher Tibb ,Mayank Gupta to name a few.

Loupe had displayed their new collection which includes Rhapsody Q, Boho, Iridescence, Soarin Affair, Serrate Charms, Bella, ISA, and Love edition. Loupe wanted to create a space that is quirky and peppy in nature, keeping the contemporary times in mind but at the same time, it could relate to the past generation as well.