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 Episode introduces elegant array of Photo Frames

While we all know that silver is the best medium to express design. So presenting an amalgamation of traditional standing alongside contemporary Episode introduced an elegant range of photo frames. With an irresistible enticement and perfect gifting option for birthday, anniversary, and wedding, this collection is unique, exclusive and deserves to be in the homes of true connoisseurs for artistic excellence.

Each photo frame has its own look and feel, its own power to look good on its own, whatever ambiance it is placed in. Quality is of the utmost importance to us and at Episode, are we make sure that these photo frames deliver absolute perfection. The shapes vary in multiple kinds of frames including circular, rectangular and square that is bound to be interested in. Buckle up and take a closer look at the frames available at Episode. 

Available at:

Shop# 10, N Block Market,

Greater Kailash 1,

New Delhi – 110048

photoframe-lamella-from-episode photoframe-diamond-from-episode


Add charm to the dining table with essential accessories

While deciding about decorating the house, one should never forget to adorn the dining area as this is the one particular place that unites the family life. Rather, one should stress more and create a majestic table setting that makes your dining table bring out to be complete and look beautiful with all the essential accessories that make up for the Table accent. Make sure your dining zone is airy, well-lit with multiple pendant lights  and is peaceful enough so that one could enjoy the meals with sheer comfort, eliteness , and ease.

Here is a list of all essential accessories that  you must include to add charm to your dining table.

1.Table Linen including table cover or runners, with place mats, is the accessory that can bring special detail and beauty to the décor of the dining zone. Just throwing a runner and placing the royal leather table mats at the respective seats contrasting with the theme or color of the space or to the color of the upholstery of the dining chair can infuse a classy touch to the table surface, with a contemporary and modish look.

2.Salt and Pepper Shakers or Condiment servers need to be essentially placed on the dining table tops so that anyone could conveniently adjust the taste of the food. Also, little jars or canisters can be accompanied to hold the jams, pickles or some mouth fresheners that make up again for convenience as well as style to highlight your collection of Condiment servers.

3.Coasters are another essential décor pieces for the dining top. They are placed under beverages to avoid spilling of the drinks or other liquids from damaging the surface of the table or the table linen. Found in interesting designs and patterns , the coaster holder made of either sandstone or cork are recommended as they don’t stick to the bottom of the glass and are less fussy.

4.Adhering to modern etiquette, Napkins demand not to be tucked in the collar while, are placed on the lap to prevent food from spoiling the clothes. After meals, they are used to wipe hands and the face. Available in a variety of hues and designs either plain or printed ones, the cotton napkins are best to be rested along the cutlery on the dining table.

5.The Centerpiece is other essential and not to be missed from the list, as it serves as an eye –catchy factor to the dining table arrangement. Flowers are an accessory that completes every decoration. A vase with fresh or artificial flowers in the center of the table can surely take the décor of your dining zone to the next level. Otherwise, Candle lamps or tea lights are perfect to create a mesmerizing and welcoming dining table. As centerpiece is just a decorative installment you could also add some figurine made out of ceramics to adorn the dining table arrangement with a modern and regal touch.

While these are just the essentials for arranging your dining zone, some more additional options can be a modern candle holder, toast rack or a bread basket, insulated kettles, butter dish, bottle holder etc. While there is no limit to décor and playing with materials, textures or colors so just keep in mind to avoid cluttering the space as beauty on dining table can be enhanced with food which is the core player above all the rest items that are counted among the secondary players.

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When waste becomes useful for garden

Every day many things go in the trash that can be reused for other things. Bottles, boxes, bags, old shoes, pieces of cloth or laces, and many others that go unnoticed. Just a little imagination and creativity can be a help in enhancing the beauty of your place. You can easily add many things to your daily life back by making it a showpiece or using boxes again for jewellery or to keep stationary.

Going back in the days of art and craft where we used wood, pieces of tiles, match-sticks, straws, and stones to decorate. Here we are focusing on decorating gardens as they bring positivity in your life. Out of these waste materials, you can actually make a masterpiece.

Let’s Open the Bottles:

The bottle is the one most wasted thing that goes in the trash every day. Be it a 500 ml or 2 l cold drink bottle, each one can be the best piece of art. The bigger bottles can be used for growing a plant or vines by cutting the bottle vertically into two halves. If you want you can also paint and decorate it.

Another way you can use these bottles is as water sprinkler. Heat a wool pin and make 7-8 holes at the bottom of the bottle. Attach it to the end of a water pipe and sprinkle the water in your garden easily covering a maximum of area.

Plant and swing with Car tyres:

Imagine your garden full of colourful flower-pots in different sizes enhancing the beauty. But it will also take some money out of your pocket so there is a better idea.

You remember those old tyres of your car that you’ve just kept in a corner, take them out and spray paint on it.

Use different bright colours on it also if you want to make it a designer then a fabric colour and paint will work great. Keep them in a row or dug them half in-ground or put them on each other unequally and fill with soil to sow seeds of plants in it.

Light up your garden in dark:

By the end of every month we throw jam or pickle jars in dustbin but now onwards don’t throw them rather collect them for your garden.

No doubt some of you reuse it by planting a small plant in it but here the idea is little different. Collect five or six jars of same shape and size and hang them on a tree with thick wool thread or jute thread.

Place them together and put candles in it and light them up in the evening. Instead of normal candles, you can also use floating candles as they stay for more time.

Let’s open the bottles:

Next time you open a bottle don’t ignore the cap instead collect it in a box. Take all the caps and use them as a piece of decoration. Tie them all together or sew them with each other to make wind chimes and hang it on a tree. Who thought Decorating garden with waste would be fun!.

You can also colour them and make facial expressions on it or if you doubt on your drawing skills then just put a colourful dots on those coloured caps.

A place where creativity meets trash: Rock Garden

Make way for yourself:

Broken pieces are hard to join back together so use them to decorate the pathway in your garden. Whether broken pieces are of pots or of tiles it can be used in decorating the way going to your house through garden.

Apart from this, there are pebbles or different stones that are easily available if you dug your garden. Use that as well for highlighting the boundaries of the path.

Give it a feminine touch:

When it comes about decorating something the first thing that strikes in a girl’s mind is ribbon laces and a round piece of mirrors. Here the idea is to give your garden a feminine touch by decorating flower pots, birdhouses and others with beautiful laces and ribbons.

Take out those abandoned clothes, cut laces, ribbon or any other design from cloth to decorate and stick it with glue on the pots. If you want to paint the pot first and then paste those designs.

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Home Décor Hacks: Be a Jack of all Trades

Home Décor Hacks: Be a Jack of all Trades

Trust yourself to solve your common dilemmas related to Home Styling. What you need is definitely not a huge budget but just a creative person who was a bit lazy until now to tighten up his/her belt and look at things with a different perspective. Your imagination is all alone enough to break the monotony and turn you up into a décor expert, you can be a Jack of all Trades.  Some of the latest Home Décor Hacks that you could try out yourself can leave an exhilarating look for your home.

 1. Rephrase your Ironing boards

Iron board used as a table
  • Ironing boards can be used as extra tables. Also, these occupy the minimal space which any other substitute. 
  • Plus the convince of folding it when not in use can too be counted upon. As they are light in weight so this could be your companion for picnics as well.

2. Tea-pots as trendy vase.

teapots as a holder
  • Innovation is to look from a different perspective, using teapots as teapots is no big deal but as vase can add beauty to turn ordinary to an extraordinary and a complement able matter.

3. Illuminate your living room.

"Candles in your fireplace"
  • If your fireplace is non- working, just you need is some candles to illuminate your living room and give a lively effect to your surroundings. So just remember this hack and must try it out when you have guests or friends at home.

4. Shoe Closet

shoe rack to the wall
  • If you are low on space and organizing your shoes is a major concern then turning a shallow alcove into a shoe closet is what can solve your problem.
  • You just need to attach a shoe rack to the wall, place your shoes, and hang a curtain. That’s all and you will be done to arrange your shoes (Our favourite decor hacks).

5. Accessorize your walls

Wall with hats for decor
  • Empty walls are not so cool and otherwise adorning walls with photo frames is no more trendy.  Instead, adorn walls with some accessories can completely give a changed and enhanced look without spending much.

6. Furbish your walls with ‘Washi tape’

'Washi tape’ comes in a range of oversized masking tapes specifically for interior décor.
  • Choose your favourite design of tape that will save you from the high cost of whitewashing or wallpapers.
  • Japanese wallpaper company “Sincol” came up with a ‘Washi tape’ that is a perfect and the most cost-effective if you’re renting, subletting, or otherwise too.
  • The ‘Washi tape’ comes in a range of oversized masking tapes specifically for interior décor.

7. Enhance your bookshelf

“Photo Bookshelf”
  • Turn the boring look of your bookshelf with this great idea of letting them be called “Photo Bookshelf”.
  • This could be a single solution to get your photos noticed without spending on getting the frame and at the same time enriches your bookshelf.

8. Beautify with pest replicating plants

Decorate your Home with Natural Elements
  • Decorate your Home with Natural Elements. Plants make a place much more lively and distinguished.  Adorn your surroundings with plants that repel mosquitoes instead of using that chemical warfare and sprays that are costly as well as cause a number of health issues and respiratory disorders.
  • Plants like Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Petunias, Lemon thyme, Basil and many more are well known for their fightback against mosquitoes and flies. So just you need to do is follow this green thumb rule.

These Home Decor hacks are going to help you become one of the experts in your house.

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8 Creative Ways to Decorate your Home with Natural Elements

Smart homes are a growing trend that has gone from button-press alarm systems to humanoid android maids, but does that mean that we have strayed too far away from nature? Not really, bringing nature into the interior is still one of the greatest design ambitions. This is because the presence of natural elements indoors brings a sensation of serenity and balance that no piece of tech, regardless of how fascinating it is, can replace. If you too are drawn by this incredible décor style, here are a few ways to introduce it into your home.

Use brick for pattern

A natural construction material made of clay, mud, and water, brick has a unique design appeal that can’t be compared with anything else. Forget about patterned wallpaper, use a brick to create a uniform pattern and a gorgeous backdrop for industrial décor. You can leave it in its natural state and combine it with exposed pipes and metallic accents or add a splash of color over it to leave the pattern visible but its natural color was hidden.

Exposed stone

Exposed stone is a great way of decorating indoor walls because it provides the earthy vibe you’re aiming for, intense texture, easy maintenance and excellent sound absorption. Besides, stone is very versatile, and you can use different types (e.g. limestone, slate, coral stone and sandstone) that can match your overall décor and preference.

Wood… everywhere…

One of the most appealing natural elements you can use in your home, wood brings unparalleled warmth into any space. There are various ways to introduce wood into your home: from hardwood floors to ceiling beams and windows. And since wood often symbolizes welcome, interior timber doors are also a great idea. Just as stone, wood is very versatile, and various tones can be incorporated into various design styles (e.g. pale goes well with Scandinavian, while dark tones go better with rustic or classic décor).

More wood…

Wooden furniture is appealing, not only because of its durability but also because it is a style statement. You can use it in simple forms and clean lines, or truly accentuate its presence by opting for artisan-crafted furniture. Antique wooden pieces bring the sense of nostalgia, while wooden accessories add personality to any space.

The good old clay

Clay has been used by men for thousands of years, and lately, it has made its big comeback into our bathrooms. This should be no surprise knowing the old connection between clay and water. From water dispensing products to bathroom accessories, this material overwhelms the space even when introduced in tiniest details. You can introduce it in the other rooms of the house through vases to side tables.

Play the sustainability card

Bringing natural elements indoors has a lot to do with respect to nature, and one way of showing respect to Mother Nature certainly is by taking care of its resources. This means not cutting new trees every time we need a piece of furniture, but trying to recycle and repurpose some old ones instead. This way two chairs can be converted into French bench, a bookshelf can become a bar, etc.

Greening up

One of the most typical ways of “naturalizing” your home décor is introducing houseplants. Every room can benefit from air-purifying and design enhancing plants – from palm trees in the beachy living room to succulents in dark and moist bathrooms. If you’re searching for a fresh approach to this ancient décor move you can even install a green wall with herbs in your kitchen and have the perks of fresh herbs for your meals at your reach.

Let the sun in

Nothing in nature would thrive if there wasn’t for sun, so don’t deprive your home of this precious source of light and warmth. Besides, sunlight can put focus on certain architectural features and make an entire space liven up. If your windows are not large enough, and you can’t afford expansion right now, consider using sheer curtains instead of heavy drapes, or leaving the windows bare.

You can never go wrong with bringing one (or all) of these elements into your home, because everything can change, but nature can never go out of style.

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