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Bored with the same old Holi! Here are some interesting party ideas!

Holi along with colors and festivities brings out the party animal in us. It’s music, booze, and food all around. Some play in their gardens while some enjoy on the streets. Are you tired of having the same old Gali-Wali-Holi every single year? If yes, then no worries, we bring you some of the best and fun party ideas to celebrate Holi this year. Be it a low budget or high budget party, we have all the ideas for you:

Pool Party
Since water plays an important role when celebrating Holi, pool party can be one of the best party ideas to celebrate Holi. Just have a nice setup with music and props beside the pool and of course colors. And you can have a fabulous Holi party.

Farm House Party
Farmhouse parties are the best when you have a huge group of friends and family to party with. You can have a sophisticated and decent Holi party with dry colors and food and a nice decoration of colorful flowers and multi-colored lights.

Rain Dance Party
Holi and rain is a combination to die for. And a rain dance party is something which attracts one and all. With loud music and party lights, the rain dance party sets the perfect mood for a perfect Holi.

Paintball Party
For all the fun-loving and notorious bunch of people, paintball is the best of the best way to play Holi. Just tag the right group of people along with you and trust us, you will have the funniest and fanatical Holi.

Terrace Party
Terrace parties are more of an intimate affair. So you have all the close ones over and it’s more of a warm and fun-filled thing. You can throw a terrace party with tube tubs filled with colored water and decorate the terrace with old colorful dupattas.