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Roll up your selves for a glamour Diwali décor

Diwali or known by many as the festival of lights is drawing closer. Held during the months of October to mid-November this festival is all about infusing utmost brightness, cleanliness, and a contemporary festive look. Here are a list of some cool and awesome Diwali decoration ideas which will add glamor, spice, and light to your abode.

Dress your walls– If you were thinking about sprucing up your interiors with a fresh coat of paint and now feel that time is short. Then create a focal wall (focus area) by changing the color of a single wall with the trendy pastel shade like orange, blue or even a green or you can redo it with wallpapers. Otherwise highlight it with wall arts like designer mirrors, or photo frames, or paintings etc. which can beautifully accessorize the wall and create a wow factor while bringing a festive look to the room for the upcoming Diwali.

2Add new furnishings- Buying new furniture cannot be an option for all, but you can impart newness by adding soft furnishings like bright colored or rich gold accents cushions with trendy prints, throws, rugs and either silk or cashmere carpets, stylish table covers, bright hues of curtains either in silk or satin fabric. This will impart richness to your interiors quickly.

3Accessorize with the best– You can definitely add a centerpiece of transparent glass bowl on your center table filled with beauty and light. Beautiful fragrant candles can be placed inside this transparent bowl. The light and fragrance from the small candles and the reflections they create on the water are truly amazing. Also,you can place bowls at strategic places filled with scented Potpourri. Fresh flowers and tea lights add further to the look of festivity. Hang decorative items made by using mirrors and artificial flowers to create interesting wall hangings, designer toran to let infuse color and a festive touch to Diwali decorations.

Rangolis — One of the most traditional Diwali decorating ideas is setting up and creating rangoli artwork in the entryway of home. Every home has beautiful rangoli designs in their front door. This marvelous artwork that includes intricate patterns is even beautified with diyas and flowers. Leaves and flowers can also be used to make a floral rangoli. Leaves, set up in a brass plate with flowers and diya stand as centerpiece adds a festive look.  For an additional decorating touch, you can also use small diyas around the arrangement.

Ornate your indoor-outdoor spaces -Illuminate the interior of your house with a crystal chandelier or an ultra-modern lampshade in the drawing room or hallway respectively by merging and highlighting with stings of other light fixtures wherever possible.

A few pendant lights at the entrance, bulb-chain around plants and garden area, a chain of doily lights made out of decorative laces and frills or Diwali-lamps can to turn your house bright and luminous from outside as well.

Diwali is a festival which gives a free-hand to showcase our creativity. Do not follow a single color or a theme, involve yourself, get your creative juices flowing, mix, match, and coordinate, experiment with unusual color combinations, materials, textures, fabrics, patterns, designs this festive time.  Remember the whole point why Diwali is celebrated, its essence, and that is rejoicing the inner light.