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This Ganesh Chaturthi bring home Lord Ganesha from Shazé

The first-of-its-kind premium lifestyle brand, shazé launches their latest collection dedicated to Lord Ganesha on the pious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. The divine aura of the almighty emanates through these unconventionally designed idols.

The-Acucity-Ganesha-Idol-By-ShazeEnhance the experience of festive celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi by inviting home these opulent masterpieces by shazé.

The Acuity: Designed in the shape of a witty kid, ‘The Acuity’ reveals a perfect balance between childish humour and absolute knowledge. The human body in his form symbolizes the mischievous self as well as the innocent indulgence in pleasure. The conspicuously bigger head establishes the necessity of knowledge and wisdom over immature mortal preferences.

The-Orison-Ganesha-Idol-By-ShazeThe Orison: Embossed with a powerful shloka and sculpted out in artistic lines, the trunk gives eminence to the form of ‘The Orison’. The ornate trunk symbolizes his power to overcome all kinds of obstacles, massive or trivial. The symbolic prayer on the trunk is an inspiration to pray for obstacle-free path without stopping.

The Tranquille: Capturing the magnificent form, ‘The Tranquille’ communicates the positive attitude to relax and let go of the past. The reclining posture of the form accentuates the need for peace. The tranquillity within Lord Ganesha’s form is emphasised through strong artistic lines while different positions of his feet symbolize singular concentration on divine goals recognizing the reality of the world.


Price: Rs. 13,900-1,32,000