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Every Girl’s Travel Bff.

Every girl out there will agree with us when we say that our handbag is our BFF, especially when traveling. Right from the airport, to sight seeing, and day-long activities, it’s a necessity that we all share. This is why picking the ideal travel bag is an essential and vital choice to make. It should be versatile, particularly functional, the right size and extremely savvy.

The label, Rashmi Modi, brings an easy travel guide of handcrafted luxury handbags. Curated with just the right utilitarian benefits, they are chic, affordable and travel-friendly.

When you’re done dusting the sand off them, they become the ideal addition to your workwear wardrobe!

So here goes below an assortment of our perfect travel BFF’s


The August Satchel: Designed with layered panels and large statement tassels, the August satchel portrays a regal opulence and magnificence. Ticking off the right boxes of shape, size, space, and style, the satchel comes with a detachable sling to make travel more convenient. Available in two sizes, what more could one need!

                     The Tangled Tote – A collection as literal as its name, takes a simple element of “A Knot” and makes it “The Statement Knot”. The Tote ways from large to small encompassing a perfect mix of size, color, space, and functionality. Additionally, the large bag features an adjustable strap (handheld to shoulder length), while the small tote comes with a detachable sling.

 Tangled Bucket Bag: For some, the bucket bag is The Travel bag. A perfect combination of style, size, and silhouette, the tangled bucket fits in all your travel essentials and can either sling over your shoulder or worn as a crossbody. Youthful and chic in style, it comes in varied colors for you to select from.

The Feather Hobo:Inspired from the freedom of flight and the surreality of dreams, the feather collection creates a moment that speaks of fantasy. The Feather hobo is neither too large nor too small. It’s the perfect size with enough space for your travel needs, making it an ideal fit for the light traveller. You can wear it either ways; hold it on your arm or sling it over your shoulder with its detachable strap.