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Designer Mahima Mahajan brings every girls’ dream with “Whimsical Fantasies”

As the name suggests, Whimsical is a glimpse into the dreamy world of fairy tales and happy endings. Inspired by the whimsical world of princesses, fairies and all kinds of fantasies, this collection by Mahima Mahajan comprise of very feminine pieces of floral shades and pastel colours that can be taken from day to night.

Those women, who flawlessly embrace their girly and feminine nature and dream of a perfect fairytale with the happy ending, this collection one is indeed for them. Each piece of the collection has a chic and feminine vibe to it adhering to the inspiration behind it. The silhouettes are light and breezy with a beautiful colour palette floral print and dainty embroidery that is a perfect balance of both Indian and contemporary styles. The designer, Mahima Mahajan has paid careful attention to keep the designs fresh and new and hence has incorporated embroidered motifs of princess’ carriages and dream catchers that reflect the overall theme of the collection.