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Your piercing guide

Getting pierced is not everyone’s cup of tea. Once you have gathered the courage and need to take a decision consider your individual anatomy before getting a piercing. Everyone’s body is different and piercings such as upper ear piercings and intimate piercings are very dependent on the individual shape of your ears etc. Next, you choose not only the placement that will suit your body but also the jewelry that offers the best chance of healing your piercing. You must take into account your lifestyle. Piercing and tattoos say a lot about the personality of a person, so we recommend that you consult a professional body piercer with any questions before you decide to go ahead with a piercing.

Ear piercing


it is the most common piercing in India. Ear piercing is not confined to the earlobe piercing. The trend 2016 introduced piercing on the other parts in ears as well. You can get a number of piercing on the cartilage, it looks super glam. People nowadays are getting it done on the counches and tragus which provides a sexy element to the look. If you are a novice, starting with ear piercing is the best way. It is noticeable and attracts a lot of attention.



Facial piercing


 facial piercing is the most noticeable body piercing since it is done on the face. There are multiple places where you can get yourself pierced. Starting from the eyebrows, you can have a surface piercing right on the curves of your brow. It is not that popular piercing but surely adds a fun element to your look. You can get your nose and the nostrils pierced. In India, it is the second most popular place of getting pierce done. It looks elegant on women and according to the Indian way of dressing it is one of the essential elements. If you believe in the badass look, then piercing on lips and chin can be the best experiment done. It is the edgiest place to pierce right now. In movies, you must have seen actresses with a surface piercing near lip areas.


Oral piercing


Believer of kinky stuff can get their tongue pierced. It is gaining popularity day by day in the west. It is generally done to have sexual pleasures. But oral piercing comes with a lot of issues. This is the most painful piercing if done. The metal you carry inside your mouth can cause some serious dental issues as well. You need to take care of it. Besides tongue, you can have your frenulum piercing. It is the place on the outer gum.



Trunk piercing


besides the face, the piercing can be noticed in your lower body also. You must have seen desi girl Priyanka Chopra in her navel piercing, it looks sexy. Trunk piercing can be a more private type of piercing but it looks stunning when you carry clothes showing off your navel and your trimmed figure. It is more common among women. It can be a bit painful and require extra care.



Shilpa Shetty Kundra wearing Devnaagri

Designer: Devnaagri

Outfit info: Aqua gota embroidered peplum kurta & sharara

Event: Youtube Channel video shoot

Styled by: Sanjana Batra

Check Out Taapsee Pannu wearing Sameer Madan

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Kiehl’s 14th store in Select CityWalk

The brand motive of Kiehl’s vision is the ‘try before you buy’ initiative. Allowing their patrons to try products before they purchase, this 92-year old initiative has won hearts and has led to loyal clientele over the years.

Kiehl’s journey from humble beginnings in 1851 as an old apothecary in New York’s East Village neighbourhood to 250 stores around the world including 13 flagship stores in India is one which deserves attention and applause.

Jim Sarbh at Kiehl's Select Citywalk

The event was honoured by Kiehl’s advocate and Bollywood actor Jim Sarbh. He was present at this celebratory occasion and talked with the media about his journey with Kiehl’s India and his favourites from the brand.

Kiehl’s old-world, customer-centric heritage has been at the heart of every product and service debut over the company’s 169-year history – from ingredient research and formula safety testing to localized store decors.

One goal is always front of mind: to serve patrons in an attentive, educational environment that offers the company’s tried-and-true skincare products enjoyed by customers the world over.

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‘Utpala’ Summer Collection by Mrunalini Rao’s

‘Utpala’ is a summer collection inspired by the serene lotus. The beauty of this ethereal flower is reinterpreted by the designer into an abstract work of art. The Utpala Collection flaunts a colour palette that is directly derived from the real essence of the flower and its surroundings

Each piece in the collection is crafted with a reverence for traditional artistry and showcases elements such as hand zardozi embroidery, thread embellishments and appliqué. The collection also features hand-painted prints in captivating colours of purple, pink, yellow and green. Bringing sheen and richness to the collection are silks, organzas, chiffons and tulle in flamboyant flares and layers

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Bugatti Launches Summer Collection

Warmer days are here again and bugatti’s new Spring Summer 2020 collection is here to greet them with a bouquet of fresh palettes.

The collection, which is an anthology of inventive design and experimental fashion, possesses a strong multicolour identity. From sorbet shades to vintage tones to surprising hues. Classic colours like cognac, red and black, give way to unusual variations of colours like green, blue, camel, yellow and khaki.

These bold colours are coupled with fashionable details like decorative seams and prominent labelling to establish a compelling personality.

The collection is poised for effortless style and unparalleled comfort for the upcoming summer months. Special features have been developed internally keeping in mind the climate, popular summer activities, and behaviour.

Innovation can be seen in the uppers which are made of breathable
materials, flexible, light and water-resistant soles and easy fastenings.

The collection has been engineered from the imaginations of the expert designers and craftsmen from Spain, Germany, Italy, and Portugal. bugatti’s signature is found in a wide selection of derbies, sandals, sneakers, casual slip-ons, and athleisure shoes.

Grab your pair at Bugatti

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