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Make your Year Ending Memorable right in front of your Door!!

At this year ending time, people are planning to celebrate these few remaining days of the year in their own special ways. Some will plan to travel, some will visit their parents, some will just love to stay at home but most of them will plan a get-together by throwing a party for family and friends in their backyard or lawn. It’s not so difficult to organize one as it just requires little attention from your side and few helping hands. Here we have few quick ideas for making your year ending a memorable.Garden-String-Lights-Diy-Garden-String-Lights-Ec3Ed11816Feec5C

Outdoor parties might sound very chaotic but it is not that difficult. First of all, you just have to select a perfectly open space to accommodate music, food and chatting place. A corner will be needed to set up the barbecue and a table to keep all the food items, a dancing area and finally, a place to sit.

To brighten up the area takes the decorative lights and place them on trees and on plants. If, your party is full of colors and dancing then go for colorful lights and if, you’ve planned a get-together over slow music and bonfire then go for single shade lights. Not just this you can also use paper lanterns in the area. Just hang them in the center with some hook or wire as they will add the charm in lighting. Even the battery candles will also look pretty fancy if kept on tables or near to the sitting area.

Kj19Outdoor sitting is said to be difficult to arrange chairs or seaters but why to complicate? Here you can take mattresses to the bonfire area. Just place them nicely by covering with vibrant colored sheets. Take some big cushions or round pillows which are bright in color. Or just take out your old folding cot cover it nicely with bright cloth and pillows and let ottomans and a center table add beauty to it.

The food area should be on safer side, as people dancing or running might hit your barbecue. Select a spacious corner and place your barbecue. Outdoor-PartyYou can also get some stylish barbecue or just re-paint your existing barbecue. Here you’ll also need a huge table that can accommodate all the delicious food items. You can choose a round table and divide the table into sections so that sweet tooth people can easily find their dishes on the table. These sections can be divided by colorful napkins placed in stands or with candle lights (battery or wax). If you don’t have a round table then you can join two or three table together, according to the requirement. You can also decorate the table with bright color tableware or with flower vases or just spread a tablecloth in bright shade.

Just set everything in right place and enjoy the year ending with your loved ones.