Hold on to that chic-look with stylish Skirts

All girls love skirts—long, short, minis, midis, straight and flared. Since childhood, girls explore different types and styles of skirts and accessorize them with scarves, jewelry, hair clips or bands and many other fashionable accessories. As fashion evolved with time, and dresses, gowns, hot pants and capris entered the wardrobe, skirts became just another option to wear. We grew up only a few of us are still connected with those fashionable skirts or some of us keep one or two in our wardrobe for some specific days. So let’s revive our wardrobes and give these skirts a special place that they truly deserve. Skirts come in various shapes and styles, so there are the whole lot of options to choose from for a stylish outing. Take your pick:



First in the list is an A-shaped skirt, as the name suggests it’s in Alphabet ‘A’ style. The skirt is narrow at the waist and widens as it goes till the end. This skirt could be a short one ending on thighs, it could be of knee length or it can reach till ankle. As this is a casual skirt, it can be complemented with a fitted crop top of quarter sleeves or round neck sleeves less top that shows off your shoulders. If you want to make it a formal dress for office then you can try a white shirt with A-shaped skirt of knee length. A pear-shaped or a curvy lady will look amazingly good in it.




Pencil shape



Then in the array, we have a Pencil skirt that perfectly suit for a formal wear. A nice leaned body structure can select this type and show off her perfect hourglass figure in the high-waist pencil skirt. Though it will give a formal look with a shirt but you can also try the same with a blouse top. It will look appealing in a knee length with a pair of stilettos.





A Wrap-on skirt is comfortable and casual wear that one can try for a casual Sunday brunch. A linen or silk fabric will suit all the body types, and is comfortable to wear. There is lace at both the ends that can be tied after wrapping it tightly. If you don’t want a knot on your waist then you can opt for a hook instead. Tank tops or halter necks will look charming.


A mini



A mini skirt In vibrant color ranges this type is always a preferred skirt to pull a casual look for summer. If you are planning to go out with friends then this will be a great choice. Opt for mid-thigh, mini lengthy—they can look super trendy in denim. Wear it with a T-shirt or an off-shoulder top for a stylish look.


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