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Versha Sethi showcased the majestic collection “Queen of Banaras” in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Doha

Fashion designer Versha Sethi, a renowned name in the fashion Industry has once again made all Indian heads proud by showcasing her genius talent at the very prestigious international Fashion Week presenting her exquisite and majestic collection “Queen of Banaras” at the “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Doha”.  This Jaipur based fashion designer was the only Indian fashion designer, to showcase her talent at such a prestigious platform. Her collection was inspired by the Mughal period around the 14th century when weaving of brocades with intricate designs, using gold and silver threads became the specialty of Benaras (India) were used as popular designs and embellishments.

Describing about her collection, which depicts work done by weavers of India and with the aim to raise the support and awareness about weavers from Benaras who craft beautifully decorated Benarasi Silk garments, Versha Sethi told that the designs in her collection hold the beautiful cultural variation from 14 century to 20 century, where traditional Benarasi fabrics are done with lot of hard work and skillful work using silk. The outfits hold the immense beauty of Indian princess from Mughal emperor brides to the independent brides of today maintaining a rich traditional culture of India. She too described that fabrics used to design this collection were Jamdani, Tan Chui, Karwa, Katan Silk and Kimkhwab

She told that she felt very delighted to showcase her collection on such a prestigious platform and that too on an international stage. While adding that, more than 20 models paraded on the ramp representing India and its culture and traditions through her designs, she thought this to be a task of great responsibility and pleasure for her. Versha dedicated this majestic and superb collection “Queen of Banaras” to all those great weavers who brighten the fashion world with their endless efforts, in a pursuit to keep the tradition of our artwork alive.