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Find out how TV fraternity reacted on  being called “Hunk“?

Words like Macho Man, Stud and Hunk etc. are quite trending compliments that we use on social media to complement our male friends or cousins and sometimes, even our favorite celebs too. Especially while going through their picture on Facebook, Instagram, and Hike etc. and to boost and appreciate their endearing looks we often use quirky slangs and phrases like these.
When Buzzsouk asked the popular TV stars about how they feel about being called HUNK, here is what they told us.
While, asked from Himmanshoo Malhotra, the popular T.V actor whom we have seen in most of the prominent serials of Zee TV and Sony, while recently in Khatron Ke Khiladi season 7 on Colors as a contestant, told us that he would actually not mind being called a Hunk. He feels by the muscular body you actually have that persona to be dressed up in any kind of clothes. He further added while the young generation is solely obsessed with the body and the looks because fitness has become an integral part of everyone’s life and more than acting the reality is driving towards vanity and good looks that everyone wants to see.
He also added that as he’s a man who’s to act on a visual medium that is fascinating so definitely the face and the body do make a lot of difference. He suggests giving heath tips to go with natural diet and natural proteins with a lot of hard work to get the Hunk like look.
Recognized from his new TV series Shakti on colors, Vivian Dsena had a different take on being called Hunk. He said it is necessary to be an actor first of all as being a hunk, doesn’t entertain people. He further stated that if it would had only been a Hunk then all the bodybuilders would have become actors. He added by saying that, he is counted among the hunk category just because of the roles he had performed in various TV shows. He doesn’t believe in going with the term Hunk, as it’s necessary for everyone to be physically fit.
Krrip Kapur Suri who’s an amazing actor and also a great sketch artist said he too wouldn’t mind being called a hunk instead he would love to be called so. He told that flaunting your looks after real hard work is like showcasing the versatility of the actor that he can act as well as maintain good body too.
Sharad Malhotraa an eminent Indian film and TV star to doesn’t mind being called a hunk.  He talks about keeping himself fit as the top most priority, as he is there into acting for a visual medium. According to him, going to the gym is okay, but getting addicted to it is not okay.
Mohammad Nazim, a television actor who’s best known over the years for his role of Ahem in television serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya, when asked about his views about being called Hunk, said Being called hunk is always a compliment. He added while saying, Gym is like a temple for him, such compliments give him the motivation to work hard on his body. He also, said that Audiences love to see our muscular body as they have exposure from Hollywood too, so they are used to seeing great bodies.
Shashank  Vyas well known for his role of Jagdish in the serial Balika Vadhu said he wouldn’t mind being called a hunk but, he too was found holding same views like Vivian Dsena . According to him also, having a good body is an asset but acting is what counts first.
Popular TV actor Laksh Lalwani, who’s all set to come back with his presence on Ekta Kapoor’s Pardes Mein Hai Meraa Dil soap opera, doesn’t mind being called a hunk. He said, in entertainment industry fit body is equally important as acting.
Indian Television and Bollywood film actor Mrunal Jain too wouldn’t mind being called a hunk because he feels that’s the appreciation for his personality.
When further asked from all these TV stars how about going topless?  The majority of them replied that they wouldn’t mind going topless if it is demanded as per the scenes within the serials they are working for as they feel confident enough about going bare chest, flaunting their bodies !