Tone your color palette for office attire

Change your office attire to stand out and create a good impression among your co-workers and superiors. Dressing is vital for success. Your appearance makes a statement and showing up in sloppy or inappropriate attire can kill a career! You are judged on your appearance, although what constitutes as ‘professional’ varies from the brand or company you work for.

Subtle changes in your attire are needed to change people’s perceptions about you, for example even the colour of something as subtle as your tie or shoes can have a massive impact on how seriously someone will take you. It is a very refined way of communicating information about you. Nevertheless, it should always come down to your personal judgment, and how you look at colors.Get to know the psychology behind colors and pick the best hues to wear at work place.


This color symbolizes power, sophistication, and elegance. It also conveys seriousness and gives the wearer a slimming effect. It can make you look confident and professional at the same time. Choose different textures or bold black designs for your office attire. Black is a good color for trousers, dress, jackets and pencil skirts teamed up with a trendy top. Saif Ali Khan, wearing a black suit in movie Race with Katrina Kaif in her pink blouse and pencil skirts do exhibit the apt formal office attire.


Grey is a great neutral. It signifies simplicity and confidence. When it comes to wearing this at the office, you have the total attire in the same color. Choose a grey dress, shirt, trousers, scarf, skirt, blouse or jacket to add sophistication and professionalism. Jacqueline Fernandez in her formal dress and glasses portrays an accurate image of workaholic employee.


Brown is another neutral color that is great for the office attire. This colour symbolises age and maturity and this can make someone wearing brown seem wise. Brown is a popular colour with teachers and academics because it inspires feelings of respect and stability in a subtle manner. Brown trousers, scarf, skirt, blouse or jacket is a sophisticated way to dress. Kareena’s look in movie Ki and Kaboth professional and classy.



Blue is a calming color that inspires serenity and imparts sophistication. It conveys intellect, confidence, stability and loyalty. It is best to wear blue when you have something important like a meeting. Blue is a great color to wear at office.





Green signifies freshness, safety and harmony. Green evokes nature, tranquillity and good luck. Green is good colour for women’s dresses. It is also another great colour for accessories.In Bollywood movie Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year, Ranbir Kapoor, wears light green shade that gives executive look with crisp shirts, striped tie and trousers which is just apt for corporate appearance.


Wearing white implies confidence, classiness and cleanliness. This clean color is recommended for office wear. White looks stunning with other work wearable colors. Bipasha-Basu in Bollywood movie Corporate wears white depicting confidence and perfection.





Besides black and white, a hint of red, subtle shades of blue, brown, beige, green or even grey are acceptable corporate hues. Tone down your color palette from strong, bright and vibrant colors like yellow, purple, orange that make you look gaudy and loud. Make yourself look professional, utilize your money and your clothes the best you can, by getting creative with mix and match.

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