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Timeless Appeal of Seductive Stripes

Stripes are back in fashion in a brand new identity — bold, adventurous and seductive is the trend this year. Fashion designers realising the timeless appeal are inducting stripes in a multitude of ways from black and white to clashes of colour and in a mix of prints.

Stripes are undoubtedly a versatile and sophisticated style statement. Returning to the basics is the current style. This season tastes the past, explore femininity with a newness by carrying stripes with denim, on the skirt, on the shirt, on trousers, on those lousy pyjamas and on your dresses. The plethora of designs is a modern take on the traditional element from horizontal, vertical and curved. Stripes adorn nearly every possible style. Solid stripes look retro and trendy; you can try French basic stripes. Learn more about the current trend in order to adapt it as your own style statement.

Vertical print
Vertical stripes are in trend for its classy look. Ladies, if you are petite vertical prints make you look taller. These create an illusion which makes you thinner and taller. Wearing vertical print skirts can help you to show off your long legs creating a slimmer silhouette.   If you have a fuller bottom, vertical stripes will make their bottom appear slimmer. You can carry this print on jumpsuits, maxi dresses and on your blazers to give a bold, but elegant and chic look without losing your femininity.


Horizontal print

A horizontal print is more preferred print to enhance your curves, allows you to go bold by being classy and basic at the same time. Horizontal stripes T-shirts gives simple look, pair it with distressed denim and cool espadrilles. There is a wide range in horizontal stripes- fat stripes, thin stripes, colourful stripes and zigzag lines for creating a style statement. Wear horizontal stripes blouse under dungarees for a chic look.


Opt for ultra-feminine accessories like stripe scarves. These look great when worn on plain T-shirt. Stripes in the different format are invading the fashion radar – a stylish statement on bags. Blend stripes with pain dress for an individual appeal. There’s plenty of colors to choose from when it comes to stripes. Experiment by choosing colours like orange, pink and neon to add fun and light in your design. Let me add here that stripes on shoes are tricky. Go for loafers in case you wish to wear stripes on your feet.


(Inputs by Fashion Designer Puneet Gupta)