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The Triump Drive by Janvi Jaji introduced by the host  Designer Niket Mishra  


Designer Niket Mishra hosted an evening to introduce the book – The Triump Drive by youngest novelist Janvi Jaji at Oxford Bookstore. Inspired by Janvi’s grandfather’s life, she unfolds the story of Shiv who was no one at one point in time, but with persistent efforts and a drive to uncover his talents, became a man of substance! He grew up watching his mother as a bread earner and at a very early stage stepped into the same rat-race of earning money. Success, as they say, did not come easy for Shiv too but despite failing and being cheated a number of times, he did not give up and build an empire for himself with everything. His journey is quite filled with almost everything you can imagine – from struggle, mistakes, family issues, sorrows, betrayal, regrets to achievements, adventure and so on and on. But unlike the usual stories, where you see success sets in for the rest of the life, Shiv success journey ends.


Janvi Aggarwal (Janvi Jaji) is a simple teenager who is crazy for fictions. She is an internet buff and loves spending most of her free time surfing. For her, having fun means her comfy baggy wears, a nice fiction, and her favorite music band. She wrote ‘The Triumph Drive’ as a summer vacation activity, but because it turned out well, her family decided to publish her work to support her choice of career and well, we can say big things come in small packages.


The guest spotted at the event were Dr. Pradeep Chowbey (Vice President Max Healthcare), Susmita Chowbey,  Deepika Arora (Vice President Wyndham Hotel group ) Actor Prachi Tehlan, Makeup Artist Shweta Sachani, Beauty Expert Bharti Taneja, Ex-Lieutenant Rita Gangwani including others.