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The patches and brooches trend 2017

Screenshot_20170112-143123-1 Now the time has come when fashion is all about bringing the time back and embellishing it with innovations. You probably remember the 90’s trend of embroidering patches on your clothes, well the trend is back! Its moment to get back into the childhood nostalgia when the quirky patches used to be the part of your wardrobe and made fun and fashionable quotient back then. Patches are off-the-wall addition to your outfits which can elucidate vibrancy in your personality.  This trend was originally rooted in China and later found a new home in pop culture and fashion world. Finally, top designers and brands welcomed patches to their outfits to add a unique twist in their creations.

These patches are the fun way to stand out and add a frisky touch to your everyday wardrobe. Fashion 2017 has re-energized the world of patches and introduced relatable statements, emoticons and iconic cartoons to the regular patch trend. There is a whole range of clothing with attached patches in stores that are audacious enough for your charisma. You can decorate your regular denim jackets, jeans and t-shirts with DIY project at home as well. It is a fun way of personalizing the outfit and adding up a quirky quotient in them.  Badges and patches are pinned or sewn into clothes which is pretty easy to do. If you are bored with denim or a pair of jeans, just pin tons of badges onto them and create something new out of it. Our Bollywood celebrities too are putting their quirky side up with patched outfits all over. Kangana Ranaut, Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline Fernandez and many other actresses were seen in patched denims. They don’t shy away to throwback to their childhood and write a sass story of their own. Alia was seen in applique patches on her crop tops, denims and jackets. Parineeti Chopra and Esha Gupta also tried their hands onto the trend. You can choose from words, slogans, symbols or your favorite band logo, and mix match all of them to create a saucy amalgamation. If you are fond of travelling then you can collect various patches from the places you’ve been or want to travel. Patches are super fun and easy but only requires creativity. You can also add flower patches to make the outfit look subtler.

But it is also important to not to go head over heels with the trend- keep the rest of your outfit simple to avoid clashes and fashion disaster. Avoid wearing patterns which may clash or draw the eyes away from your statement creativity. You can add embroidery patches to the bombers jacket as well; try patches onto green and khaki color than the conventional silhouette. Even leather jackets can also be patched with interesting slogans. There can be endless combinations of patches that can make your boring. Besides patches you can pin brooches on your jackets as well. There was a sartorial challenge to make brooches trendy and cool. Luckily, with passage of time brooches became the best combo of kitsch and glam. They also become sassy with the pop interventions. Patches are universal and unisexual, so no wonder what will suit you or not! So, this winter stuff yourself with few brooches and quirky patches to create a statement.