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The Miracles of the Plum Fruit

The juicy, delicious plums have their season from May till early winters. This sweet and tart fruit is heavenly in taste and have great health benefits, which many of us might not know.

Heart friendly- This fruit is a highly rich source of essential minerals like potassium (which is an important component of cell and body fluids that controls the heart rate and blood pressure) and Iron (which is essential to form blood cell).


Low in calorie – Consumption of 100-gram plums will give you only 46 calories, minus saturated fats in your body. The vitamin C available in plum helps the body develop resistance against infections and inflammation.


Beneficial in pregnancy- ‘Prunes’, the dried form of plums contains an excellent amount of folic acid and calcium, which adds to the supply of folate, an essential component for pregnant women and for the growth of foetus.


Controls blood sugar- Plums are on the low end of the glycemic index (GI), making them a very good choice for people with diabetes. Having them on the daily basis can help you manage your blood sugar level. Fresh plums rank at 40 on the GI, while prunes (plums in their dried state) rank at 29.


(Inputs by Dr. Simran Saini of Simran’s Perfect Slim Solutions)