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The recently opened Art Hub, in the Capital, is a place which explores new frontiers in ART and celebrates individuality.

The Art Hub, that is one of the most professional and innovative Art Institute, organized a session of DASTANGOI, Urdu Story Telling in a dramatic and entertaining way for its adult book reading Club, by none other than India’s only woman in this domain, Fouzia Dastango. The Session was followed by The Art Therapy Session under the guidance of professional artists.


Artist, Curator, and Founder of, The Art Hub, Bhavna Minocha said “We nurture Young talent and promote the existing talent in every form of Art – Fine Arts, Music, Theatre, etc.  And at the same time, we are taking initiatives to enrich the younger generation with our cultural and traditional values and make them hold to their roots which are very crucial in today’s modern age”. Having been associated with art on a personal level as an art collector, it has always been her dream to be involved with the art world in a professional way and that’s what gave birth to The Art Hub.

People from all walks of Life attended Dastangoi and were mesmerized with the art of storytelling vouching to come back again for the next session. Among those who attended were famous Artist Kanchan Chander, Lawer Prerna Kohli, Shobna Rana from, Arti Kapoor, Seema Vohra, Gautam Khurana, Rohit Minocha,  Rajana Malhotra, Urvashi Walia, Madhu, Sandeep.

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