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Got admission in the best college of metropolitan cities or got a job there with the good package? Well, it’s a dream come true!Searching for accommodation or a roof over your head is the next big question. Surviving in metropolitan cities is a tough task but finding a suitable accommodation is tougher. Studio Apartment is your perfect solution for the middle class and working people. The pluses are that you not only save while renting a smaller space while living in the hip and trendy parts of town. Many studio apartments are located in urban areas within a short distance of restaurants and shops.

St 3Studio Apartments are the most cost effective residential solution which offers you the basics in a compact package.A Studio apartment comprises of a small room, kitchenette, and an attached bathroom.Nowadays, it is in vogue.Studio apartments can be easily called as the cheapest kind of apartment. This is because their size is the smallest of all, so the rent or price of such apartments also remains lower from other types who have big sizes and more facilities. The best part of Studio Apartments is that you can change it as per your requirement. For guests, you can easily convert into a living room where you can entertain the guest and at night it can transform into a bedroom.

Studio Apartments are the best accommodation for youngsters who live in metros without their families. If you do not like cleaning, living in a studio apartment is an added bonus as you have less space to clean.Life in a studio will teach you how to prioritize your belongings. You’ll quickly figure out what you really need and absolutely can’t do without because of limited space.Low maintenance cost is the reason behind increasing demand of Studio Apartments.

These are also sought after by couples, MNC’s executives, business travelers and leisure travelers etc. This gives you an opportunity to save money. At this point in life, it may be hard for them to invest in apartments or villas and for the students to pay a lot for the PG’s or flats. Studio Apartments with the best location, less cleaning or overheads, minimal belonging and furniture and low maintenance is the perfect option to build their dream home.Sa 2

Things to remember

Space is the main concern in these apartments so choose furniture accordingly. Multipurpose furniture is the best recommendation for it.

Affordable Range– 10 lakh onwards

Size of Studio Apartments– 300 sqft onwards