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Special navratra thali’s for you

Fasting can longer be boring this Navratra in Delhi, as there are endless food outlets providing a variety of mouthwatering dishes. During festivals, these outlets prepare special menus from special and unique starters, drinks and desserts for the people celebrating in the truest form. here provides you with the places in Delhi where you can find special saatvik cuisine. Plan in advance to indulge.

Navratri-Special-Thali-Haldiram-Iskcon20141. Haldirams- Haldiram is just not another food outlet it is the brand which offers the best quality traditional food. They have an exaggerated food range for the vegetarians and is also pocket-friendly. During Navratra, they prepare special thalis which are popular among the Delhi locals. Kuttu ka atta paranthas, shama ki khichdi, fruits raita, potato curry, Sabu dana papad an endless variety they offer in just one thali. They tried to incorporate all the taste and flavors of rich Indian culture. This super economical, thali is bat Rs.208 only.

2. Govindas- Govindas is one of the popular places to have best dinner experience. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant serving food prepared with love and devotion of Lord Krishna. They have made a special arrangement for Navratra with singhade ke pakode, Sabu dana wada, vrat chawal and sweet fanas are some of the mouthwatering dishes offered. You can enjoy a special meal for two in just Rs.1000. They do not just offer food but you can participate in their daily Hare Krishna arti. A must visit place to be mesmerized in the Vedic ambience and simple food.

83245C8E420F8C908B69B5A22De06C5D-Copy3. Sattvik- located inside Select city walk mall, New Delhi makes Sattvik one of the luxuries dinning places for all vegetarians. The ambience is quiet and pure and has authentic north Indian cuisine. They also offer vrat ka khana during Navratri. The food adds a zing to your Navratri celebrations. Sattvik means simple and sober, hence the food also reflects its nomenclature. They offer khuskhus aloo, kheere ke pakode, makhane ki kheer during Navratri to pamper your taste buds. Being on the expensive side, the food will cost you Rs 1400 for two.

4. Khandani Rajdhani- Subhash Nagar’s very famous Khandani Rajdhani are the undisputed kings of the thali. They offer a different fasting menu other than their regular menu during Navratri. They have special upwas thali which you can bite into. Sabudana khichdi, paneer tomato raita, alu sukha bhaji, kuttu ki puri, soma rice, shrikhand, fruit cut salad, kele ki sabzi, sitafal and unending options offered on their special menu. For the nine auspicious days, they have a different menu each day.

Sagar-Ratna5. Sagar Ratna- Sagar Ratna is a widespread chain of restaurants offering a wide range of vegetarian food. The taste of Sagar Ratna speaks of its authenticity. For Navratri, they offer 2 menus from which you can pick according to your taste. The thali caters singhare ki poori, aloo tamatar jhol, karvi masala, samwat pulao, Sabu dana papad, kheer ka raita, and buttermilk. The food is offered at economical rates of Rs 285 per thali. They also offer special Navratri dosa which is a must a bite.