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Soothe Your Aching Sweet Tooth This Diwali!

Sweets are not just tempting to the taste buds but, are like a necessity for celebrating each and every Indian Festival too. While the festival of lights is just round the corner so it’s time to adorn your house with beautiful lights, diyas, candle and rangolis while decking up your dining table with a whole lot of  yummy desserts to soothe your sweet tooth and warmly welcome friends and the relatives in the sweetest manner.  Get ready to exhibit your culinary skills and start with some of the quick and easy to prepare Diwali desserts that would surely be a big treat for you and your family’s gastronomic affairs.

To get on with something traditional on your plate you can make a wise and delicious choice among the whole lot of excitingly yummy delicacies like Shahi Tukda, Mawa Kheer, Malai Ladoo, or either the Moong dal Halwa.

Shahi Tukda” would definitely be pleasing for your taste buds and can make up for an apt dessert for the richness needed during Diwali festivity.  Make sure to top it up with lots of nuts and some garnishing with saffron strands before enjoying this delightful savory.

“Kheer “just hearing this mouthwatering dessert it’s difficult to control your appetite. Step away from the usual way of preparing Kheer this Diwali. Infuse some delightful tastes with this creamy concoction of milk and dry fruits to bring out a flavorsome “Mawa kheer”. You can be more playful with flavors like by adding rose flavor to the kheer or some saffron which would not just enhance the flavor but also the color to get a brilliant and rich taste of the dessert.

“Halwa’s “is something that everyone is fond of ever since the childhood days. Add an elite taste to the Halwa this Diwali. Try the lip-smacking “Moong dal Halwa” prepared in pure ghee that would be really enjoyable and a heavenly treat. With loads of nuts on the top, the Halwa would be tempting and    surely flavorsome.

Diwali’s dessert delight list cannot be complete without “Laddo” but not the normal ones of course, as make up for some really delish “Malai Ladoo” to give a new avatar and yummy taste.

While if you wish to compliment Diwali with some modern flavors, then get to have something among the  Chocolate  Puddings ,Fruit Cream, treat of  Custards with jelly  otherwise a  Brownie with your favorite scoop of  ice-cream or a  Fruit Trifle cake  which can be  all the more scrumptious and bring big bright smiles and sparkle of satisfaction among all the family members with the perfect Diwali Dessert.

Have a Happy and Sweet Diwali !