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Shweta Rohira to turn RJ for “Celeb Cafe” on 2b Radio!

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s rakhi sister Shweta Rohira after the separation from her husband Pulkit Samrat started afresh with her journey of life by turning to a RJ for “Celeb Cafe” on 2b Radio.

2b! Radio which is “Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), a two years old platform and owning more than one million listeners shining on digital horizon 2b! Radio is developing new innovations on digital platform and reaching new milestones said, Shweta Rohira’s mother, Kaajal Rohira.

The Founder and CEO Swapnil Shiwalay Co- Founder & Director said, “We have a good team and hard work is the only investment that never fails” Shweta Rohira, Salman Khan’s Rakhi sister made a statement that, “After my separation I started working in 2b Radio as a writer creating scripts for the Radio shows and also started doing content writing for all their social platforms.

She further added, I tried my  hand on being a RJ , gave an audition for a show where my script was chosen but I was not selected for the show . As my mother was the founder somewhere I felt that it would be a easy piece of cake but when I was rejected I learnt a very important lesson from her ” In professional decision never bring your emotions or you can ruin a project or a company ” I then started working on myself listened to many RJ’s and understood that all RJ’s need to be good actors as they need to hold their audience with just their voice and also showcase variety of emotions as per the script.

Now when 2b! Was looking out for RJ for their new show ” Celeb Cafe ” Shweta gave her auditions and was  finally chosen. The show would go on air in the month of April!