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Sheena Bajaj talks about her first ever on-screen wedding!

Sheena Bajaj, who is known for her marvelous acting skills since childhood, is now again in limelight as Aditi Chaturvedi in a television show ‘Thapki Pyaar ki’. Her character Aditi recently got married to Dhruv Pandey (played by Ankit Bathla) and the wedding was a complete bombastic Indian drama.Img-20161114-Wa0030

These days, on-screen weddings have become almost real-life wedding as the makers don’t leave any page unturned to make it look real. The same thing happened in the wedding of Aditi (Sheena Bajaj) and Dhruv (Ankit Bathla) in ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki’.

When asked Sheena about her first ever on-screen wedding experience she said, “Honestly speaking the whole experience was very close to real. When I saw myself in the mirror it was like a dream. The creative team from the show really worked hard for the makeup and hair. The designer costume which I am wearing also gives you a real bride flavor. The feeling was awesome if I can express that in one word.”

She was also asked about her on-screen romance and intimate scenes with co-actor and her take on this was-“In my earlier shows I always had a male lead opposite me but those shows were either youth based shows or sitcoms where I had romantic scenes but didn’t get married on screen. But here, Ankit (here co-star) and I know each other for long and the best part is we often laugh during our romantic scenes and that brings out the best in us.”