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Salman Khan’s sister Shweta Rohira would love to have more pets!

Salman Khan’s rakhi sister Shweta Rohira is known for her paintings, ingenious writing and working as a community worker with ‘Selfie With Police’ and her association with beauty and health makes her totally exceptional in her own intelligence of fine art. She has really come a long way and achieved it effectively in her grand inventive profession. Little known is that she is in love with pets as well.

Life is incomplete with pets, and Shweta Rohira has taken the adage to heart. The pretty young artist is blessed with two dogs, huge fish tank, nine white mice and two hamsters and she still has room for more! Talking about her love for pets, Shweta says, “I never had pets in childhood though I was very keen to have them. So I’m making up now,” she says counting them off, “My dogs, Dollar and Bhagheera, are my two lovely kids while I have a huge fish tank which has lots of colourful fishes. Then, my white mice couple Ratatouille and Stuart and there with their seven children. I am also blessed with my hamsters, Ki and Ka. And that’s not all! I would love to have more pets,” she shares excitedly.

Shweta says that pets own a special place in her heart and keep her upbeat. She shares, “Once, when I was hospitalised, Dollar had given up eating. Back from the hospital, I was on bed rest for few days. That time, Dollar did not leave my bedside and it would be very tough to send him for his daily walks. Even when I would be asleep, he would be just staring at me and there used to be so much sadness in his eyes as if he too was experiencing my pain. He was my constant companion. He made me feel so special, I can’t even express it.”

Expectedly, with so many pets, there’s never a dull moment in the Rohira household. She says, “As soon as I enter my house, Bhagheera gets a sudden sugar rush and he starts running in the whole house. He runs so fast that many a time he slips!” Another special antic Shweta shares is that Dollar has a very special habit for eating. “Before eating his food, he wants me to eat first and then only he eats. Also, he does not eat in his bowl though he drinks water in any bowl. He needs a plate identical to what I use. If I change my crockery, one plate and a bowl is kept separated for him,” she laughs.


Talking more about her sweet, eccentric dogs, Shweta says, “My morning cup of coffee is with Dollar and Bhagheera. I also play with them in the morning. We have our breakfast together. At night, Bhagheera sleeps with me, while Dollar waits till I sleep after which he goes to bed.” Shweta wants to go out on a vacation with her dogs, but says that since Dollar has motion sickness, she cannot. “I would love to go for vacation with them but Dollar has motion sickness and Bhagheera enjoys running in the garden more than travelling. But, he enjoys his trips to the swimming pool,” she adds.

Talking about a special trait of pets, Shweta reveals, “I feel that whenever there is any stress or tension, we should be careful and not to talk near them as they tend to take too soon at their heart. It is also very important that when we scold them to bring in discipline, we should show our affection and care. Communication is very important; we should spend quality time by talking to them and if required explain them. When we chat with them, they reply back with expressions and actions. I believe that we should spend quality time with them and also learn to understand their silence,” concludes the artist.

Well Shweta, it seems you have borrowed some good habits from your rakhi-brother Salman Khan who is a great dog lover himself!