Salman Khan has the mentoring power

By the end of 2016, Salman might be hitting at least his half century as a mentor to the Bollywood debutants. From Actors to Composers to Choreographers he has been a godfather to many. On one side where Salman’s fan follows his style a lot, from his walk to his talks they follow everything, and there are few lucky ones as well who were mentored by Salman Khan to achieve success in Bollywood.

Salman Khan has personally mentored many celebs, be that for bodybuilding or losing weight or any kind of makeover. Let’s go a few years back and have a look at the people who are now successful Bollywood celebs:

  1. In the year 2000, a newcomer in Bollywood who caught all the eyes because of his looks and body built, he was none other than Hrithik Roshan. Before his debut in ‘Kaho Na Pyaar hai’ he use to be very lean but Salman, being his mentor, motivated him to build a good body. And look at him now he is being compared to the ‘Greek god’.
  2. Zareen Khan, this Mumbai girl had no Bollywood background but she became the first choice of Subhash Ghai and SalmanKhan for the film ‘Veer’. Her elegant looks for a princess were perfect but the movie didn’t do well. She remained in headlines just because of her face resemblance with Katrina Kaif. Sometimes she was not even liked because of her plump figure but under the guidance of Salman, Zareen shed many kilos. Salman always encourages her to work hard on herself be that her body or acting skills. In her most of the interviews, she thanks Salman for showing her the right path.
  3. There was a star kid who always went for oversized clothes. She never thought of being an actress but look at her now she is the Dabangg girl of industry, Sonakshi Sinnah. She debuted in Dabang movie with Salman Khan. Salman motivated and guided her to lose weight. She lost some odd 16 kilos and now she looks fabulous in all attires.
  4. As this actor always says “I’m here only because of Salman Bhai”, Arjun Kapoor never saw himself as an actor till Salman told him so. He gives all credit to Salman Khan for the motivation. Most of us know that before Arjun Kapoor’s first debut movie ‘Ishaqzade’, Arjun was a fat guy. He use to weight 140 kilos and he suffered from asthma as well. But then his ‘fairy bhai’ came to him and guided him as well to lose weight. Arjun worked really hard and finally he did it and here he is now heartthrob of million girls.

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