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Aly Goni Styled by Saachi Vijaywargia | Big Boss 14

Aly Goni Styled by Saachi Vijaywargia

Aly Goni is probably one of the best looking players in Bigg Boss 14. We have seen so many different sides of him in this season and his style is just as colorful as his personality.

Aly Goni big boss 14
Aly Goni Big Boss 14 Styled by Saachi Vijaywargia

We have seen a sneak peek of his unique sneakers but here is a deep explanation of Aly’s style. His style is subtle and effortless, yet it’s impactful and makes a statement. It’s very casual but it catches your eye.

When asked about the planning of Aly’s fashion in Bigg Boss, his stylist Saachi Vijaywargia says, “I wanted to stick to his style and character and enhance his personality through effortless yet unique looks. On a show like Bigg Boss, where you’re on camera 24/7, your clothes are basically your second skin. With multiple unexpected tasks, challenges, and problems, your fashion is one of the few things that you control so it should be amazing. Looking good in the house will instantly boost your confidence which is very important.” Aly is often spotted wearing black, since it’s one of his favorite colours.

He also loves wearing tracksuits, denim jackets and tank tops, as we have seen in the past episodes and will see in the upcoming ones. We can also expect to see Aly in some Pathani suits. Before entering the house, Aly had separately requested his stylist for this. This is a very fresh style in Bigg Boss since no one else has done it now or in the previous seasons. Aly’s style is very unique, interesting, and intriguing. His outfits have always stood out in Bigg Boss. The mastermind behind his look Saachi known and worked with Aly for the last one year.

When asked about her opinion on Aly’s performance in Bigg Boss, she says, ” I have known Aly and styled him for a year now. He has the drive, resilience, patience and temperament to survive in Bigg Boss. I think he will go all the way to the finale and win the show.” Saachi has worked hard so that Aly looks fashionable everywhere he goes.  When asked about her inspiration, she says, “Anna Wintour, popularly known as Nuclear Wintour. She is always supporting young designers and bringing the best trends forward.”