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Pride & grandeur of the British Raj awaits your footsteps

Meet the pride and grandeur of the British Raj – the Coronation Memorial (Coronation Durbar Park) a symbol of British imperialism.  Coronation obelisk in the shape of a pillar stands exactly at the very place where all the three major events or Durbars were held during the ascension of the British Kings and Queens to the Throne of England attended by all the Indian Rulers of their respective States.


In the year 1877, a grand Durbar was celebrated at this place to commemorate Queen Victoria, who was declared as the Queen of England and the Empress of India and ascended the Imperial Throne of England. Later, in 1903, King Edward VII ascended the Throne of England and hence another coronation durbar was held here. However, the grandest Durbar seen by all was during the coronation ceremony of King George V in the year 1911 when, the King himself visited the Capital, Kolkata and announced the shifting of the British Capital to Delhi.




This sandstone memorial stands on a square plinth, which can be reached from all four sides by a flight of stairs. There are 16 red stone plinths, eight on each side but only five have colonial-era statutes.  It has a huge sixty feet tall statue of King George V in his coronation attire, complete with crown, orb, and scepter, designed by Edwin Lutyens, which was erected under the canopy of India Gate and later shifted to this place. Even the statues of Lord Hardinge and Lord Willingdon are seen erected here to commemorate their significant contribution to the British Government during their rule in India and hence makes this historic tourist site a must visit.

The Coronation Memorial may have been of symbolic importance to the British Raj, however, today this place is surrounded by dense population was used as a venue for important Municipal events and religious festivals. The park which was in a state of neglect has been restored by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage and the Government of Delhi.

This Coronation Durbar Park is located at Bhai Parmanand Marg or the popular Burari Road, near Kingsway Camp. The splendid view of the monument   can be seen from the nearest landmark called the Nirankari Sarovar Garden.

Nearest Metro Station: Vishwavidyalaya from there hire an auto for Burari Road.

Best Time to visit: Anytime between the sun rises till sunset is ideal to enjoy Coronation Park.