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Rashami Desai unleashes the diva within-Latest Photos

Rashami Desai unleashes the diva within1

Rashami Desai knows how to carry herself with élan. She is a beauty with brains and knows how to charm her fans. In her latest photoshoot, the actor unleashes the diva within and looks every bit appealing. There’s an inherent innocence on her face that sets her apart. 

“I wanted something different and new this time and I guess the photographer understood what I wanted and has somehow captured the side of me that you don’t get to see often. I anyway loved the camera and I feel when the love is honest it shows. The photos have come out well and I have been getting a lot of compliments… When you get to hear good things it only makes you happy and motivates you to do better,” she says.

Rashami Desai unleashes the diva within1

Desai’s look in the photo screams of hotness in every sense of the term. Her soft curls, simplistic makeup and expressive face do all the magic. Whether in black, white or metallic shades, the actor aces all the looks. Everything goes on to say about her sartorial elegance.

Rashami Desai unleashes the diva within1

“I am particular about what I wear and the kind of makeup I wear. It also depends on the mood and occasion. My wardrobe has a lot of whites and blacks as I feel these two colours can never go out of fashion. When it comes to makeup, I like highlighting my eyes. When your lips don’t do the talking, the eyes take over,” adds the actor, who will be making her web debut with Tandoor along Tanuj Virwani. She plays the female lead in the forthcoming web series. The web series is produced by Chitra Vakil Sharma, Nivedita Basu and Chandni Soni. Well, Rashami your pictures are sizzling and your fans are awaiting your web debut. 

Rashami Desai unleashes the diva within1
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Rhea Sharma on “Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke”

Rajan Shahi is popularly known as the “king of relationships” of the small screen. And Rhea Sharma, who plays the female protagonist in his show “Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke”, couldn’t agree more.


The beautiful actress essays Mishti in the popular show, while Shaheer Sheikh is seen as Abir. Their on-screen couple is popularly called MishBir and is one of the most famous pairs of the small screen.

She said that she was very excited to get the role and added, “Rajan sir is famous for creating great pairs on-screen, which people always remember. And the chemistry also comes out really well in his shows. After hearing the storyline, I was very sure that the show is going to be amazing. I felt connected to it as an audience too.”

“And I never thought that MishBir will become so famous. I am not so active on social media, but I keep hearing that people call us the ‘best jodi’ and every other week we are trending on Twitter. I think the chemistry has really worked. Shaheer is a superb actor, and I feel that if you are working with a good actor then it shows in the performance too. I think I am blessed to work with Rajan sir and such a great cast,” she added.

The show recently went on-air after a long gap of three months. And her character is seen going through an emotional turmoil now. Talking about the new twist, she said, “Mishti was leading a very simple life before an incident happened. There was a guy who was trying to molest her, and in self-defence she ended up hitting his head with a rock. So, she is in this guilt and gets panic attacks, and she’s going through PTSD. And it’s a very sensitive topic that she cannot even share it with her family.”

She further added, “Abir is trying to protect her as much as he can and is her only support in this difficult time. This is something new for me as an actor and will see Mishti in a new light. Though it’s a little challenging to portray this side of Mishti, it’s fun too. The feedback from the viewers is very overwhelming. So, we are glad that it’s working.”

The new twist also saw the Rajvansh family welcome Varun Soni, essayed by Ruslaan Mumtaz. The actress had earlier worked with him for an episode of “Laal Ishq” and mentioned that knowing each other made it easier for them to work together.

“There’s a comfort working with him because we already know each other. Ruslaan is a very sweet guy, so whenever he is on set, it’s a lot more fun. And he has adjusted quite well with the whole team. The chemistry also comes out because there is no hesitation. And he is good friends with Shaheer too. So the set environment is very chilled out,” she concluded.

“Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke” airs Monday to Saturday at 9 p.m. on Star Plus. It is produced under Shahi’s banner Director’s Kut Productions.


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Aseem Arrora on Nikkhil Advani’s ‘Gorkha’

From movies like “Malang” to “Baazaar” and now “Bell Bottom” and shows like “P. O. W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke” and “21 Sarfarosh – Saragarhi 1897”, writer Aseem Arrora has a huge list to his credit. His upcoming work includes Nikkhil Advani’s “Gorkha”, and he says it is close to his heart.

He also mentioned that his TV show “P. O. W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke” is one of his favorite works and said, “It just took so much out of me and gave me a lot in return. Understanding soldiers their families and how the intel services work in addition to two ITA nominations.”

“I have just finished the draft of Nikkhil Advani’s ‘Gorkha’, and it’s straight from the heart. This again is very very close to me,” he added.

Aseem says being a writer gives him the power to control a story and that’s what attracts him to his job.

“Being a writer allows me to take control of a story. I can decide how the people in the world I have created will behave. It’s my escape. It’s my dream. And I am the pilot of this flight,” he said.

He calls his writing journey “interesting” and says for him “writing is a vent, an expression” and that he has been “learning since the last twelve years.” He went on to share that it was great to see his name on the big screen when his first film “Heroes” released in 2008.

“But I have always been very critical of my work. So am always mindful of the corrections to be made in the next one,” he added.

Aseem mentioned that because of writing “multiple layers have opened up in me as a person” and added, “I don’t judge people anymore. Try to think of possible motivations. Secondly, writing has made me socially aware.”

He feels that in India different people behave differently with screenwriters and added, “Having said that the scene is changing at a fast pace. Respect is directly proportional to remuneration. I feel some writers are getting the deserved price now.”

Any advice for budding writers? “Write like a laborer, daily. Just keep at it. Don’t lose conviction. Try to keep working so that you don’t have to sell your soul. Have work in hand and try to do some TV. It helps,” Aseem signed off.

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Sanya Malhotra Dangal Girl Shares insight on Vidya Balan

Sanya Malhotra shares her insights on the things she learnt from her co-star Vidya Balan during the shoot of Shakuntala Devi.

  • The actress says, “The one thing that I have learnt from her is that she has an amazing sense of humour. She is so bright and happy all the time. She always becomes a part of the crew somehow. When you are on the set and shooting for 45 days straight, she really held everyone of us together.”
  • Sanya further adds, “Everyone on the set used to be happy when she used to be around. The beautiful energy that she has on and off set, is something very inspiring. She is also such a fantastic co-actor to work with. She is there throughout. Even when the camera is not on her, she gives all her cue. She is just fantastic and doesn’t have that air about her.”

It may just sound like a mere thing of being happy, spreading positivity and sharing happiness but this small thing of treating everyone like our own makes a huge difference. Sanya has witnessed this from Vidya on sets and seen how much of a difference it can make.

The filmmaker’s actor, Sanya Malhotra is going to be seen next in Shakuntala Devi opposite Vidya Balan, Anurag Basu’s next LUDO and Guneet Monga’s Pagglait.

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