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Numero Uno Jeanswear launches its eclectic AW’16 collection

Numero Uno Jeanswear, India’s most fashionable denim brand has unveiled its new Autumn-Winter’16 collection, a combination of trendy casual clothing and classy vintage denim. The collection comes with two new themes- ‘Offbeat’ and ‘Artisan’ featuring trendy formal and casual wears along with aesthetic denim. Inspired by high-on- fitness lifestyle and everyday life of artists, the AW’16 collection comes with high-on- trend t-shirts, shirts, denim, trousers, sweatshirts and other pieces to ramp up your fashion wardrobe.

Offbeat: The new collection is inspired by an energetic approach to touch consumers living a dynamic lifestyle. Technology and trends like ‘Athleisure’ defines the brand. This combines athletic and leisure wear a shift away from traditional leisure clothes and toward comfort and no-frills looks. The collection offers a perfect wardrobe for the ones who play multiple roles in every day like fitness conscious in morning, a working professional in day, a party hopper by the evening and a responsible parent by the night. The collection intertwines these roles with ease and defines this new league of hyperactive fashion seekers stretching their boundaries of the casual wardrobe. With its AW’16 collection, Numero Uno takes an ‘Offbeat’ route to merge technology and aesthetic, fashion and performance, style and comfort to innovate a casual clothing line for everyday and fitness.

Artisan: Taking inspiration from the work and lifestyle of artists, writers, musicians, actors, and journalists, the new collection celebrates imperfections that come out with real handmade craftsmanship. It signifies that flaws are good as they bring out the uniqueness in each style. Artisan collection comes with a special feature to make the wash and treatment in each garment classy with the coexistence of manual and mechanical processes of creating a vintage look with distressed, worn out, rugged appeal and embroidered surfaces. The collection is inspired from across the globe bringing together a mix of cultural influences rising above the usual norm of directions derived from an era or a geographical location.

About Numero Uno Jeanswear

Numero Uno Jeanswear began its journey in the year 1987 as one of the first Indian denim brands. Positioned as a cutting-edge lifestyle brand, Numero Uno Jeanswear offers a complete range of casual wear, shoes, and accessories for men and women. Since its inception, the brand has constantly been evolving itself and has pioneered the introduction of global trends to the Indian market. At present, Numero Uno Jeanswear boasts of being a dominant player in the domestic jeanswear category and has been strategically expanding its presence nationally and internationally to become one of the most loved jeans brand in the country. Currently, the brand boasts of over 185 exclusive outlets and an added presence in across 500 multiband outlets, 60 large format stores and hypermarkets. Each of Numero Uno Jeanswear’s store houses denim, trousers, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, shoes& accessories and the collection changes every season.