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No Shave November : Put down your razor for 30 days to support the cause

It’s November! Probably you will spot many of the men looking scruffier than usual. It’s because those men are supporting a social cause of ‘”No-Shave November”.

Celebrated annually, in the month of November, the  ‘No-Shave November’ campaign is a month-long drive to forgo shaving and spread awareness by embracing our hair grow free and wild , which many cancer patients lose following chemotherapy treatment. The aim behind quitting shave is basically to evoke a conversation and raise cancer awareness while, simultaneously donate the money that you would typically spend on shaving or either grooming your hair, to educate the masses about Cancer prevention, save lives and aid those who are fighting the tough battle.

“No Shave November” was a cancer awareness web- based campaign, that started from Facebook in 2009 where members of the Chicago land ‘Hill family’, decided to jointly come forward and use Facebook as a medium to raise money for charity to donate to the American Cancer Society . It was a project that held special meaning to eight of the Hill children after their father, Matthew Hill, who passed away from Colon cancer in November 2007.

If you too want to be a participant of “No-Shave November” all you need to do is ditch the fancy razors, shaving cream or expensive salon treatments, grow a beard, cultivate a mustache, and donate the monthly hair-maintenance expenses that you would have spend to Cancer fighting foundations. Spread the word and let more and more people whether men or women join the cause. Also, you should join hands in raising awareness about men’s health.

To make a difference in your life or the life of a man you care about share the ways to prevent cancer in men or know the guidelines to detect it at an early stage. You must visit a doctor and go for the screening tests that are right for you. Even adopting a healthy lifestyle like quitting smoking and liquor consumption, getting regular exercise, and eating healthy food can make up a healthy decision.

Join the drive of “No Shave November”. Come forward and get closer to eradicate cancer!