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Love vs Arranged- Know what your favorite celebs have to say about marriage

Marriage is a gamble but then again it’s one of the most important steps in one’s life. One has to understand the whole institution of marriage before rushing into it. And in a country like India where still all the caste and creed exists, there has always been a constant battle between what is more favorable, love or arranged marriage. So, even if you’re confused just like us about which one to choose, check out what these TV stars have to say on the subject…
Shashank Vyas

Balika Vadhu star Shashank Vyas a.k.a Jagdish, says he’s open to an arranged marriage. He’s completely fine with love post marriage. Further, he adds that he does believe in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota hai tum nahi samjhogi’ type of romance. And while it is true that marriages are breaking in the industry due to compatibility issues, he doesn’t want to marry a girl from the same profession, as he wants someone with whom he can talk life beyond work.Shashank-In-Red-Hat

Jasmin Bhasin
This beautiful yet independent actress says that she is not open for an arranged marriage. Because before getting married, she wants to know the person and his family. Further, the talented actress added that it’s better to take that decision once you know everything and once you are 100% sure. According to her, a relationship is built on four pillars – trust, loyalty, understanding, and respect. Once these pillars are strong, nothing would happen. But if these are weak, the marriage won’t work.Jasmin-Bhasin-2
Sharad Malhotra
The well-known TV star says that he is open to an arranged marriage too, but he surely wants to spend some quality time before he decides. He adds that he has an individuality which his girl needs to understand. According to him, relationships are breaking in the industry because of clashes between two strong individuals & this happens often when both the partners are in the same profession. One must have a life beyond entertainment and enjoy a normal life, which is not affected by name or fame. Also, he feels arranged marriages break less because, from day one, one knows that one has to adjust. But in the case of love marriage, both partners are very demanding.  Ssharad-Malhotraa-In-Scenic-Backdrop
 Asmita Sood
The young and dainty actress strongly believes that it is one of the life’s biggest decisions to take so she doesn’t think that she would ever be open to an arranged marriage. Also, she needs time to know and understand the person with whom she’ll decide to spend her life. Further she adds that her belief on love marriages stays strong, even though she hears sad events of break up and divorce. She believes that it’s up to people whether they want to save or destroy it!Asmita-Sood-New-Pic
Mohammad Nazim
The talented actor from the most popular TV soap ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ feels that marriage is a gamble & it’s very important for a person to know their partner before deciding to spend their whole life together, so he would go for a love marriage only as there’s a lot of responsibility involved too. Further, he agrees that industry marriages are breaking, but he feels that it’s only because people are not sure about what they want from each other.


Laksh Lalwani
The ex-roadie cum TV actor feels that he is too young to even think of marriage because there is no time for love as he’s too focused on his career, for now. He adds that he’ll mostly go for an arranged marriage since for him it’s important to have his parents’ consent. He believes that relationships in the TV industry are breaking because of compatibility issues. The lifestyle of an actor is not as simple as it looks. One has to be prepared for marriage before taking the plunge!Laksh-7