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Look Classy with Vararoha’s, intricately carved jewelry by Anushka Jain

Nowadays, women prefer light jewelry designs as it is comfortable for them to wear in daily routine. A challenge for women is not to overdo wearing heavy jewelry but about looking classy. The jewelry should complement your skin tone and outfit. The jewelry metals and gemstones should illuminate your skin tone. The color spectrum should be extensive in gold, silver, rose gold, turquoise, amethyst, etc.

The design of the jewelry should be simple lines, circles, simple geometric designs or the designs that look elegant and should not attract unnecessary attention in office. Small diamond earrings and pendants are better choices to get a professional look.

Vararoha by Jewellery designer Anushka Jain has introduced jewelry in varied forms and exclusive designs. Available in earrings, bracelets, pendants, etc.The earring is studded with diamonds, delicate lines in earrings with an oval design completed with Mother of Pearls in flower shape attached at the tip of the earring. Another stunning piece from Aranya collection is a uniquely designed bracelet, inspired by tree branches, the branch is made of 14 kt gold studded with diamond, it is placed on stingray leather band.The ruby and mother of pearl pendant, inspired from ladybird from Aranya collection is made of gold studded with diamonds.

ABOUT VARAROHA by Anushka Jain

Derived from one of the avatars of Goddess Laxmi, Vararoha means ‘ready to offer boons’. Steeped in culture, the jewels offered by the brand signify eternal beauty, power, inspiration, and uniqueness for each individual.

The jewelry house specializes in bespoke jewelry making great efforts to personalize it to the highest level of rarity and craftsmanship. Designed for women and men, jewels in Varroa’s repertoire are one of a kind and inspired from different aspects of nature. The Collection draws inspiration from artist’s paintings by the designer, different cultures, and technology.