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Intense Rhythm of Milind Gaba

Milind Gaba appeals 
with the spoken lyrics emulating the intense rhythm of the beat. Hear it once and you are hooked, simple word rhymes and alliteration have their own appeal.  Shake a leg to the hit number Daru Party or a romantic date with Bas Tu. Yaar Mod Do touches the heart as in simple words conveys the value of life to youngsters. The sky is the limit as romanticized, practical or fictional themes of Milind Gaba’ssongs appeals to all.

 Meet here Milind Gaba a multi-talented person in an exclusive interview with He is also known as Music MG, a rapper,singer,actor,songwriter and music director at 26-years. He made his debut with DilliwaliZaalim Girlfriend movie SaddiDilli. Other hit numbers areMalaamal from the film Housefull 3, SaddiDilli from the film DilliWaliZalimGirlfriend, YaarMod Does, Bas Tu, Daru Party etc are music that control mood and enhance emotional states. Milind Gaba the  newly added member of B-town talked about his journey till now.

 How was your journey from Delhi to Bollywood?
It’s been a great journey. I was introduced to musical instruments since childhood as my father Jatinder Gaba is a music director.He has been in the music industry for over 25 years. I have the personal studio at my residence where I spent maximum time. Music has been my passion and acceptance by the Bollywood industry and audiences makes me content with my life.

What is your biggest achievement?
Working with AR Rehman and ShivaniKashyap in 2010 Common Wealth Games is the biggest achievement of my life as AR Rehman is my inspiration. Working with him was a dream come true.

Now who you aspire to work with?
I want to work with the most versatile singer of the Bollywood industry Sonu Nigam. His work is phenomenal and motivating.

As you have recently come up with your new song Bholeynath from T-series. What is this song all about and how did the idea of the song evolve?
Bholeynath song is based on Trance genre which takes you on a peaceful yet spiritual journey. This brings positivity when played and dissolves all the negative thoughts. I specially went to Kasol just to explore the trance life and then I created this song with Ikka.

How was your experience working with T-series?
Working with T-series is such an amazing experience. I have worked with T-series before also and created the hit numbers like Daddy Karde Case, Shit About Love,  Yaar Mod Do, Bas Tu that you hear everywhere these days. I wish for more opportunities to work with T-series in the future too.

You are already a music director, singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor, what are your future plans?
I want to blend all my calibers to come up for the mix-tape album because I believe one must explore all the shades of an artist. Working behind the camera is as necessary as in front of it and this is the reason for my regional film Stupid 7.

As you are a Delhiite,which is your favorite Dilli ka Adda?  How do you connect yourself with the Saddi Dilli song that you have done for the movie DilliwaliZalim Girlfriend?
SaddiDilli song from the movie DilliwaliZaalimGirlfriend is the most heart touching song for me as it was a reminder of my childhood memories of days spent in Delhi. Rajouri Garden used to be my favorite DillikaAdda, where my Delhi Diary formulated.

One of your favorite song?
I love to listen NusratFateh Ali Khan and my favorite is my creation Daru Party.

What is your competition in the music industry?
I believe in myself this is the reason that I consider myself as my own competitor rather than anyone else. I believe to be successful in life one should be in touch with our inner soul and inner strength.

 If you weren’t a singer then what would you be?
 If I wasn’t the singer. Singing is in my blood so my option would be a singer but may be in buses, he laughed

Milind Gaba is a versatile artist, evident from his work based on different genre and making him outstanding in his field.




Yesha Rughani from Hero Gayab Mode On

Yesha Rughani from Hero Gayab Mode On

Working during a pandemic is no easy feat, but actor Yesha Rughani, who was last seen in Muskaan, says that all precautions are being taken on the sets of her brand her show Hero Gayab Mode On. Talking about it, she says, “I think new normal has become a lifestyle now. Whether I am going for work or something else, I have to follow precautions. Obviously, you are scared. But on the set, we take many precautions, medical people are there, they check us every day. The makeup and hair stylists are wearing their kits. So, I think overall it’s a secure working environment. I hope everybody stays well and fit.”

The actor is back on the sets after almost a year and is loving it. “We wrapped up Muskaan’s shoot in December last year and this show is launching December. We have started shooting from November so I think almost a year. It just feels too good to be back and I think I have been missing being onscreen. I missed shooting and I am loving the feeling of getting on the makeup chair, the entire routine, listening to action, cut, roll each and every minute detail of shoot life. It’s fabulous to be back,” she says.

In fact, she’s got a lot of appreciation for her look too. “I rejuvenated myself during this break. I got into this healing thing where I was on a strict detox and my skin healed, my hair, my body healed. I was in my comfort zone and used to wake up on time and follow a proper routine, even though there was a lockdown. I had ample time in the lockdown to take care of myself. I am fresh as a flower now and all set to rock again. For the new look, I am getting really good reviews because people are seeing me like this onscreen for the very first time. My first two roles were very different. So, seeing me in a totally different avatar with short hair is exciting. I have really lost weight, there is a different kind of look and feel to the role. I am getting a very good reaction and I am loving it,” she says.

Meanwhile, Yesha started a balloon business too during the lockdown and plans on balancing both her acting and business venture. “Lockdown has, of course, changed our lives in many ways from being able to value things to be grateful to life, self-healing and taking care of yourself, self-discipline. I ventured into a new business. I love to be very busy so I think it wouldn’t be a problem to manage both the things. I have my sister also who is taking care of this business, apart from me. I think it works for us. I also carry my laptop and everything to shoot so that if I get some time, I make some designs and send them across. I think it’s going to be fun to manage both,” she says.

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Rina Charaniya(Rii) on Remake of Old Songs

Rina Charaniya

From “Dus bahaane 2.0” to “Dilbar”, and “Aankh maarey”, remakes have made its way back to the industry, and while some love to dance to the jazzed up beats, some are still a fan of the old songs. And it’s not just the audience, but even the singers have a divided opinion on this. “Phir mulaqaat”, and “Judaa” singer Rina Charaniya, who is popularly known as Rii, accepts that the remakes are made considering the current audience taste, but reveals that she will not do a remake with twisted lyrics just to look cool. She also revealed that if ever she sings a remake, she will try to maintain the beauty of the original song.

Rina Charaniya
Rina Charaniya who is popularly known as Rii

“I have no problems in doing a remake, but I strongly feel that you can never make a song better than the original. If I ever make a remake then I will first see that we are matching with the original on some level and not changing it entirely. Secondly, I will not put any nasty lyrics in it, because of late people have started twisting it to match the taste of the audience. So if that’s being done, then I will not do it because I don’t want to spoil a song or the beauty of it. Those old songs were written by some great writers and lyricists, so I will not twist the lyrics and sing them just to look cool,” she said.  When asked what she feels about so many remakes being made these days, she said that it’s because it gives a good business. 

Rina Charaniya who is popularly known as Rii
Rina Charaniya who is popularly known as Rii

 “When you lack original content, you make a remake. If a song is already famous and is loved by the masses, then I don’t think changing the music or the lyrics here and there can make it better. Original will always be the original, and you can never make a better version of it. But labels have the rights for it and they do it, and there is one section of the audience that happily accepts it too. Some people enjoy it, and to cater to that audience remakes are made. And it also results in good business,” Rii said.  

The singer also asserted that remakes also give a guarantee of a sure-shot success, and said, “Today’s generation is very fast, they don’t have time for anything. And our brain also works like that. If you see today, only 20-30 percent of the people love 90s music, else everyone wants to hear fast-paced songs. So people play with your brains through music.” 

Rina Charaniya who is popularly known as Rii
Rina Charaniya who is popularly known as Rii

“On top of that, I feel that remakes are made because you already have a famous song, it’s a super hit in the market, and then you want a song which you know will be a sure shot success. You are confident that even with a little twist people are going to like it, if not love it, so they make a remake. And it gives them good business. So it’s less about art now and more about business, and making money,” Rii concluded. 

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Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist Florian Hurel on COVID

The glamour and entertainment industry was shut because of the nationwide lockdown imposed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. And celebrity hair and makeup artist Florian Hurel, who recently resumed work, says we need to live with the situation now and also adapt ourselves to it.

“COVID-19 is still in here. We have got to live and adjust to the situation. I believe we must learn to live with it now. But, we also need to be aware of the consequences if don’t follow the precautions carefully,” he said.

Florian asserted that we need to take care of the elderly and said, “We got to protect ourselves but we should also think of the others around us, like the elderly, who are more prone to infection caused by the virus. So while working, PPE costumes, masks, and hand sanitisers are very often used.”

Asked to comment on how it affected the industry, he said, “Yes, we are all very affected by the situation and most of us haven’t earned anything for the last 4 months. It’s critical. I believe things will get back to a new normal soon.”

Florian has worked with celebrities like Vidya Balan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sara Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Anushka Sharma, to name a few. He says he keeps himself positive by having positive people around him and added, “I keep myself busy thinking of new projects as well as working out a lot.”


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Aditi Rao Views on ‘Sufiyum Sujatayum’

After releasing on the OTT platform of Amazon Prime Video on the 3rd of July, 2020 film ‘Sufiyum Sujatayum’ touched a lot of hearts with it’s magical and musical romantic-drama narrative. The film has a stellar cast of Jayasurya who plays the role of Rajeev, Dev Mohan who plays the role of Sudfi, and Aditi Rao Hydari, who plays the role of Sujata, the mute girl.

When in an interview with a leading portal, actress Aditi Rao Hydari was asked what does she feel about the success of ‘Sufiyum Sujatayum’, she said, “So the fact that people are liking it and watching it multiple times, the kind of messages and artwork on the film that we receive, are really amazing. The film is being watched by non-Malayali audiences, who told us that we will watch more Malayalam films now.”

The film has received substantial commendations from the audience and the artwork and messages they are receiving further hold testimony to that fact! The magic of Sufi is prevalent in the film especially through its beautiful songs that captured the essence of the scene and amplified the emotions of the scene.

The film is written and directed by Naranipuzha Shanavas and produced by Vijay Babu under his banner Friday Film House. The film is shot by cinematographer Anu Moothedath and edited by Deepu Joseph. Sufiyum Sujatayum is brought together by executive producer Vinay Babu.

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