Get your full, luscious and kissable lips now

Do you want full, luscious and kissable lips? It does not matter, if you were born with thin, uneven lips, or have noticed the fullness in your lips diminished over the years. Lip augmentation a popular cosmetic procedure can give you toned, good looking, fuller and plumper lips to add up to your beauty and youthfulness.

There is no need to enhance your lips using lipstick when with lip augmentation you can have it permanently. For lip augmentation, a dermal filler is used. These are prefilled syringes that contain plumping ingredients which are natural or synthetic fillers. These are absolutely safe and best to keep your lips plump, for a stretch of several months at a single go.  Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body that helps to increase the volume of your lips. Injectable dermal fillers made from natural or synthetic biocompatible material, a substance similar to hyaluronic acid acts as a fat substitute that  are used to pump up the lip during this aesthetic treatment. This method of lip augmentation is being practiced in India for over a decade.  But, to get the most natural-looking results make sure you book an appointment with plastic surgeons or dermatologists who acquires hands on experience and can administer lip injections. Getting treatments from a board-certified plastic surgeon is a must to avoid any risk or side effects from the fillers.

Other ways like fat injections, dermal grafting, lip implants and lip lifting are some more procedures that can change the plumpness and volume of your lips, you can discuss and choose the best treatment having a proper consultation from your aesthetician .

Bollywood celebrities like Kangana Ranaut, Anushka Sharma , Shruti Hasan ,Moni Roy , Koena Mitra and Ayesha Takia have all undergone a lip surgery to improve the appearance of their lips by adding shape, structure, and volume to tone the lips for a gorgeous youthful appearance.

The effects of these hyaluronic acid fillers last for around six to eight months as per their quality. After that more injections would be needed to maintain the volume of your lips. A single lip augmentation procedure can improve the balance of your facial features dramatically. The volume of your lips will increase, subtly and with natural looking results. You are able to resume your normal activities right after the injection. Get yours now.

(Inputs by Dr.Charu Sharma)

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