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Find the Right Tie for Any Occasion

A perfect tie can give you a “mantastic” look, while a wrong selection can make you look shoddy. The ideal length of a tie is 57 inches long and its tip goes up to your waistline. The width of a tie should be about 3 ¼ to 3 ¾ inches wide. The best ties are made out of natural materials like cashmere, silk, and wool. There are varieties of pattern you see while choosing the one for you. Our advice: Pick the one that goes with your overall look.

The British Regimental Stripe, The American Regimental Stripe, Repp Striped necktie and University Striped Tie are the popular choices. The British regimental is in vogue since 1920’s, with a stripe running downwards from the wearer’s left shoulder to his right waist, this is best suited for more formal occasions.  The American Regimental Stripe is just a counterpart of British ones. It has its stripes running from the right shoulder to the left side. Repp Striped necktie which we commonly consider as a pattern is actually a weave. A repp weave is a delicately raised weave which creates a ribbing or a texture which then a pattern of stripes is woven into. University Striped Tie is a favourite amongst business class which goes well with the solid or check shirt.


Foulard is a small scale pattern with a basic block, which gets repeated. This necktie is best suited for business meetings and semi-formal occasions as well. Its pattern includes flowers, dots, paisley shapes, pin dots (not polka dots) and other geometric patterns like diamond and squares. This type of a tie is appropriate for any occasion.


Plaid Tie:
Perfect for the casual and semi- formal occasions, plaid tie consists of check patterns formed by overlaying stripes. They look great with shirts and blazers as well.


Polka Dot:
Polka dot is a must have pattern as it contrasts beautifully against a solid, stripes and check shirts. Such patterns in a tie are not meant for business meetings; however these ties can be worn for a party or wedding.


(with inputs from fashion designer, Puneet Gupta)