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Fall in love with tranquil and serene lakes

Are you looking for a visual paradise, peaceful ambiance, and riots of colors with twittering birds in the background? Come, seek and discover and ultimately fall in love with the majestic lakes of India. The magic draws a number of tourists to them each year as vacation hot-spots. The tranquil and pristine lakes conceal magical charm which visitors are seeking. The perfect venue to spend lazy days of the vacation as gentle breeze relaxes and ripples in the lake shatter the mirror image of the surroundings. So, check the following list to plan a visit to some of the stunning lakes of India : –

Loktak Lake ( Manipur)

This beautiful freshwater lake of Moirang (Manipur) is famous for its floating islands (known as Phumids) and this makes it very unique in itself and only one in the world. The Keibul Lamjao National Park is situated on the southeastern shores of this lake and is the largest of all the phumdis in the lake. This is the last natural refuge of the endangered sangai or Manipur brow-antlered deer (Cervus eldi), one of three subspecies of Eld Deer. You can visit the lake both by road or air to the state capital Imphal which is merely 39 km away from the lake. There are few transport services like cabs and buses till lake. This experience will be memorable for you as you have the opportunity of staying on one of the islands of the lake. Yes, you heard it right there is a facility of resorts in and around the lake as this lake is very big. Best time to visit this place is from November to early March.

Lonar Crater Lake (Maharashtra)

The crater lake was created by an impact of meteor around 55000 years ago. It is 137 meters deep with the diameter of 1.8 km. There are many crater lakes in the world but only one in India is near Lonar village, Maharashtra. Lonar Lake is surrounded by beautiful green jungle having wildlife. This lake is a great source of water for nearby agricultural villages and animals living around it. The scenic beauty of this place is too magical. Near to this lake there are few old temples you can visit like Daitya Sudan Temple, Kamalja Devi Temple, Gomukh Temple and Shankar Ganesh Temple. Some of these temples are on the rim of the Crater Lake and rest are little far. In rainy season lake’s water level rises and covers Kamalja Devi Temple which is located besides the lake. You’ll also get a chance to see the 10th-century architecture at Daitya Sudan Temple. Nearest city to this lake is Aurangabad (157 km away) which is connecting via both air and roadways. You can take a flight to this place and cover a further distance by cab. You can travel to railway station Jalna which is 90 km from Lonar. After that you can hire a taxi or roadways bus that takes you to this place.

Chandertal lake (Himachal Pradesh)

A Himalayan Lake situated at an altitude of 4300 meters in district Spiti of Himachal Pradesh. This lake is named as ‘Chandra’ means ‘Moon’ because of its crescent shape. The crystal clear water between barren lands and peaks gives it a mesmerizing. The water is so clear that if you take a picture of nearby peaks with its shadow on the lake, turn upside down and back for few seconds you’ll get confused with the original direction of the picture. Water creates a mirror image of that scenic beauty but conditions apply, only on a sunny day. You can hire a taxi from Manali to reach this place as there is no bus service. You can also follow the footsteps of trekkers as this is one of the favorite trekking routes among them. Chandratal Lake is nearly 140 km from Manali and Kunzum Pass is around 8 km. As this is a cold desert area so you can visit this place between June end to early September and that too depends on the weather, at times road gets close in August as well. If you go in these months then you’ll get the facility of tents there or you can take your own tent. Don’t expect anything lavish here as people are provided limited variety of food, temporary toilets are nearby and torches for vision are available but its will be the best experience of your life.