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Exquisite Jewel Collection by Aurelle by Leshna Shah

Aurelle by Leshna Shah, who is known for her modern, stylish and chic contemporary woman and manufactures jewellery has introduced its regal collection of exquisite jewellery which ensures that this winter charm reflects in the ornaments you adorn. The radiance of the soft sunlight is captured in every creation in the collection.


 The each piece is encased in conscious confines of white diamonds and metal of milder hues of (18k) yellow and white gold, precious stones of vivid rubies, emeralds, yellow-champagne diamonds and pearls appear as dollops of surprise in the frosty background. Every creation makes a bold style statement resonating the warm essence of the matchless and fabled Ice princess. Adorn the newly unveiled Wintry Delight and steal the essence of winter revelation.

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Aurelle by Leshna Shah